Fendered: The Rise of the Rain Bike

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It is a right of passage when one starts a bike ride in the rain. You are badass, clueless, and have a larger set of “balls” than your buddy that has signed up for a off-season set of computrainer classes.

As I sit half way through my recovery week off the bike before hitting base miles for the 2013 season I am left thinking about bikes, goals and how to join all of my life passions in to one. What bikes are best for my goals in 2013? While my season wraps around cross country types of events I love the feel of an 80 mile long bike ride beside country fields in the middle of February in Nashville when visiting dealers. I’m left craving a bike that is sexy and stiff, while handling the abuse of farm roads. Steel or carbon. SRAM or Shimano.

I know one thing, it will be able to fit fenders around a 25c tire!



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