Favorite Memories of 2012

Granted, 2012 is not over. But here are some snapshots that have captured some of my favorite memories of 2012. There are some missing, apparently I didn’t go crazy with Instagram until mid-summer.

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Here are the pants on me after my afternoon commute. I've tried to pull my shirt back so that you can get a good look at the waist band.

Review: Outlier’s Women’s Daily Riding Pant

A guest post from Laura Colbert of Loose Nuts Cycles in Atlanta, GA. I am a girl who loves denim.  Outside of work time, I’m always in dark, well-fitted pair of jeans, even if I’m on a bike.  So when I started commuting more, I didn’t think twice about what I would wear for the ride. 

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Fendered: The Rise of the Rain Bike

It is a right of passage when one starts a bike ride in the rain. You are badass, clueless, and have a larger set of “balls” than your buddy that has signed up for a off-season set of computrainer classes.

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Twin Six Christmas Pickle

You Need a Pickle, a Christmas Pickle

Finding the Christmas Pickle is said to bring good fortune for the following year, so grab this shirt now before all the good tidings are gone. Only at Twin Six.

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No Words Left

My fingers were ready, pushing the Add New button within WordPress to start typing out a week in review and weekend pre-ride for two CX races this weekend. My fingers were ready and then I received news via Capture Happy (yes, Michael your twitter handle is not perfect for this story) of the school shooting in Connecticut. If you read this blog, I’m going to ask…

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This morning's commute

Passing Gas

Sorry to disappoint but this post is not about farts.  I’m a big fan of really bad puns, so the title actually refers to passing cars while on a bicycle.  But, who doesn’t like a good fart reference? A guest post on getting by without gas from Laura Colbert from Loose Nuts Cycles in Atlanta, GA. 

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