Road Rides on the Horizon

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On this site, for some reason, I don’t talk enough about bike rides. About the act of riding my bike. The bliss, the happiness and the emotions or pain it puts through my body.

That’s why we all do this right? It isn’t about the new bike, or the fancy gadgets. It is about the feeling we have inside of us when we ride that new bike for the first time, when you dig in to that wide sweeping turn and accelerate through the corner. All with the motor of your own engine.

Lately, I have been riding one of my road bikes more, a Ridley Orion. The feel of a thoroughbred wanting to gallop from the line, pushing me to longer miles than the coach prescribed. The bike wanting to push further. Hugging the asphalt and yet the 700×23/25 tires buzzing efficiently under me.

As the weather gets cooler we all need motivation, so here is my deal.

I’ll work on telling my story of riding if you tell me yours.

2 Comments on “Road Rides on the Horizon”

  1. At 5 a.m. the roads are dark and deserted, except for me riding to meet some friends, not a worry in my head.

  2. When I’m at home, I can think of all the reasons to not go riding. But I know I’ll like it when I’m out there, so I go. And then I wish I wasn’t so lazy that I always head out with only 3 hours of sunlight left, instead of 6.

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