Race Recap: NC CX Statesville

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NC CX Statesville

My words are becoming to mimic a broken record. Lacking or should I say SLACKING off my beautiful training plan. Lots of time in the car, only a handful of bike rides between the Boone Cyclocross race 2 weeks prior and that was also a joke.

Does it sound like I’m setting you up for a big let down of a result? Because I’m not. Just piling on the excuses to get you ready for a result I completely pulled out my rear.

Course Setup

Start was on a slight incline grassy straight with a hard 90 degree left turn into crossing the finish line. A couple turns and then you have your first set of barriers. A couple turns and you go down into a dried up pond, through sand and back up a little short kicker hill. Straights, turn right up the only hillish thing on the course (right into the head wind), across a meadow and then over the run up/barriers to hit some more twisty-ness. You snake through the back side of the course with little straight aways and mostly switch backs on yourself, which in my mind equals perfect. Then you hit a good straight away, left hand turn up a gravel road, 180 back down the grassy side of that gravel road and back to where you started.

The course felt short. With not too much climbing it really was suited to me.
NC CX Statesville

My Race

I either had hole shot or 2nd into barriers. I felt good, not sprinting and then I tried to get back on my bike and mentally failed. Note to self: work on remounts for the next few weeks!!!

The whole race I was pushing, but not wanting the throw up until the last 1/4 of the race. It really felt like I was in the woods on a mountain bike the whole time! Pushing it to snag 6th and a few bike lengths from 5th. With over 20’sh girls on the course, I was happy with 6th with my lack of riding and focus!

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