Foundry Cycles Broadaxe: Singleatored

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Foundry Cycles Broadaxe Single Speed

For the 2013 season I’m really focusing on a handful of endurance mountain bike races and then a slew of cross country mountain bike series (SERC, Southern Classic and the Georgia State MTB.) Then in the fall of course will be cyclocross domination (it will be domination and not just participation!)

Looking at my schedule and thinking of bikes for work/demo and brand representation I had a lot to chose from. My rock steady go to bike for the past year has been the Salsa Spearfish. Made to crush endurance with 29er wheels, 100mm front, 80mm rear and a very stable handling platform. As a rep I have many brands to represent and having ridden a Spearfish non-stop for the past year most of my stores have seen that bike, or at least listened to stories of how killer the bike is.

Enter the Foundry Cycles Broadaxe

Designed to be ridden aggressive. This hard tail has molded stays to “flex” and give a bit.

BB92 & 12mm thru axle rear. This means stiff. 438mm stays means nimble. Carbon means a lay up process that will allow for a molded top tube and rear stays to make the abuse of a 50 miler not so bad.

Current Spec

While the Broadaxe comes in three build models I opted for the frame inorder to run it single speed for the next couple months, then dropping XX1 on it after the first of the year. This bike is a show bike but if you know me it will be ridden hard.

Frame: Foundry Broadaxe
Size: 17″
Fork: RockShox Reba RLT
Wheels: CrankBrothers Iodine 2 Wheels
Other bits: Mostly Thomson/SRAM bits on the rest of the bike. There are things I’m trying for the sake of it like the wheels. They are all mountain and heavy at 1900g but I’ve never ridden CrankBrothers and wanted to try them for a few months. This bike was built to be punished and “purposely” built. Meaning I went with a Reba fork for $$, Thomson stem/seatpost for durability, and Michelin tires because they rock.

Weight: Who knows. Not worried about it at this point. When I start placing in my categories again I’ll start knocking off grams. For now, the more weight I haul around training the stronger I’ll be when I make the bike lighter!

Disclaimer: As an independent rep for Foundry Cycles if you buy one of these in the Southeast I may make commission off of the sale. It still kicks ass.

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  1. That is a beautiful bike. Being a minimalist, i have kept used chains for the last decade so that when I need a chain of specific length, surely one of the worn out chains is the perfect length. You are welcome to peruse my trove of chains, i’m assuming you are using 3/32.

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