2013 Race Planning

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In efforts to not write a post about disappointment in retailers around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all things THANKSgiving I am sitting in Starbucks on the side of I-77 to pounds keys and focus on something I can control. 2013 race planning.

Focus points

Above all my goals are not race results but instead the following. Personal weight, nutrition and sticking to whatever this guy tells me to do.

Races and Series

NC Cyclocross season, there will be a few races in January and then the season again in the fall.

Charlotte Short Track Series. It’s pedaling distance from my house, how could I not?

SERC XC Series. All over my territory and a lot of fun courses for ’13.

Southern Classic XC. Again more centrally located, and many over lap with SERC. The question as the season gets going is to travel more to SERC or stay closer to home for Southern Classic. It may depend on what is going on with work and where in my territory I need to be.

6 hours of Warrior Creek. 4th time may be the charm?? Duo women.

Cohutta 50 Miler. Because Charles at Trailhead Bicycle told me it would be fun.

Burn 24 Hours. 3rd time maybe? With less emotional stress in my life I hope to be able to tackle this race without emotional breakdowns in the middle of the night.

Photo Credit: Weldon Weaver

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