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Motivational Monday with Chantal Roberts

0 Motivational Monday Chantal

What’s your name and location?

Chantal Roberts, Little Rock, AR

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

road, relaxing, paved trail

What is your first cycling memory?

Falling off my bike when I was 5, and being so mad at the bike I didn’t ride again for 20 years.

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

There are a lot of women I see around Little Rock I envy and it’s that envy/jealousy that makes me want to ride. And I like the cool wind in my face.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

Riding 15 miles in almost an hour in my first triathlon.

Tell us all about your bikes

Jamis, Ventura Race, midnight violet, which is a stupid name, so I call her Aubergine.


Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

1 YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

YMX makes clothing for the athletic woman. While many women look at the clothing line and think yoga the fit and style really fit in well across cycling. The fit is sexy, the material is soft and light. As YMX rolls out more fall and winter clothing I’ll be picking out my favorite’s to share with you.

YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

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Details: This pink Tribal print long sleeve top is feminine and energetic. Perfect for workout, running, cycling, or with your favorite pair of jeans, this YMX top is sure to be a favorite. YMX tops are sized to fit close to the body, and are light, soft, and have a generous shape-holding stretch. If you prefer a relaxed fit, stepping up from your usual size is recommended.

What Makes a Really Good Bicycle Shop?

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I asked the question on Facebook and Twitter:

What makes a really good bicycle shop?

I’m opening up the comments and want a good sound off. I’m not giving you any ideas or going to steer the conversation, I want candid thoughts. If you work/own a shop please state so. If you are a consumer that doesn’t go to a shop anymore because of not being able to find what makes a good shop, please say so.

Ready, set, sound off.

My Ode to Mountain Biking, A Guest Post by Laura Colbert

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An on going series from Laura Colbert from Loose Nuts in Atlanta, GA. Click to read more from Laura.

I love mountain biking.  It’s an inexplicable love, given the tears, bruises, and soreness that it sometimes (…ok, usually) entails.  I have tried explaining to many confused friends the reasons why mountain biking is fun while one of my legs displays a blue and green bruise surrounding a still-moist cut that is a direct result of this love.  I imagine that someone viewing one of these conversations from across the room might guess based on the other person’s reactions that I’m explaining my love for a chain-smoking boyfriend who can’t hold down a job.  It always leaves the other person fairly confused and with very little to say other than “Well it’s not really my thing, but it sounds like it makes you happy.”

After leaving many of these conversations feeling disappointed with my inability to translate my affection for mountain biking into words, I think I can finally articulate my reasons for loving such demanding sport.  In my mind, it’s impossible to untangle the physical act of mountain biking from the short road trip to the North Georgia Mountains that precedes some of my favorite rides.  I live in Atlanta, which is known for its sprawl and its traffic, two elements that combine to create this extended mass of a city that has its own gravitational pull, making it hard to escape.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love Atlanta, but that doesn’t diminish the excitement of escaping from it and all of the pieces of my life that takes place inside of it.  As the car and the bikes mounted above it pass under the circular highway that demarcates Atlanta’s perimeter, I can feel the city’s pull diminish and I breathe a little easier.

Once the car finds that day’s trailhead, I have completely escaped the city’s inertia.  My ride begins and everything disappears.  I pedal away from the city, from work, from normalcy.  For a couple hours (or if I’m lucky an entire day or a whole weekend) I get to pretend that all of existence is the woods and creatures immediately surrounding the trail and that my sole purpose is to fill my daylight hours with climbs and descents.  It doesn’t matter that I have 87 emails in my inbox because I need to find the best line through this network of tree roots in front of my wheel.  It doesn’t matter that my family is stressing me out about Christmas plans even though it’s June because I have 50 more yards of rocky, baby-head uphill to climb before descending the amazingness that I know is just on the other side of this peak.  It doesn’t even matter that I’m so overworked that I have nightmares about my job because the shade feels nice and I finally found the perfect rhythm over those water breaks.  In the back of my head, I know that eventually the ride will end and I will have to return to all of life’s normal stressors, but it doesn’t matter in those wheeled moments. My first priority is my front wheel and my second is the back.

Even if life won’t allow me to escape the city and I have to settle for an hour long in a nearby in-town trail, I still leave my phone at home, pedal off quietly on my own, descend into some hidden patch of woods, block out the city’s traffic noise, and give myself a short recess, a momentary vacation from life. Mountain biking is an escape, if only temporary, from the constant tweets, status updates, and other busy-ness that we normally prioritize.

Given the other forms of escapism in today’s world (reality TV, alcohol, drugs, most of the internet) I think I’ll stick with mountain biking.


Race Morning: SpartanCross

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Headed down to Spartanburg, SC for a training race this morning. Many thoughts running in my head, and yet nothing substantial to type out here. Unprepared, rain, mud, coffee, prep, switched my brakes, hope I don’t endo. Meeting new teammates and bonding with my brother like, George.

Here’s to the 2nd race of my season, more unprepared than the first!


0 All City Cycles Nature Boy Charlotte

Lunch with a friend, cupcake pickup and all with a smile.

Interbike ’12: Gravity Check Cycling and Lifestyle Clothing

1 Interbike 2012 Gravity Check Clothing

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Fashion, meets fashion, that you would go to a mall and wear. Oh wait, it has cycling function? Sign me up now.

Meet Gravity Check Cycling Clothing. gravity-check.com

Motivational Monday with Michelle

0 katy_trail

What’s your name and location?

Michelle from Iowa

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Recreational road, touring, mtb, and dabbling in CX since I now own two ‘cross bikes and I figure I better represent.

What is your first cycling memory?

My brother helping me learn how to ride a bike in our backyard. It was my neighbor’s yellow bike that was way too big for me but falling on the lawn made it less traumatic.

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

Myself, it has always been something I’ve enjoyed. From when I first learned to ride and could go on mini adventures by myself to the park up the street, to riding around the “country block” on gravel roads when we moved out of town, to commuting to class in college, and then I really got into cycling after college as a way to stay in shape, socialize with others on group rides, ride RAGBRAI, and more recently, doing some bike touring around the midwest. It’s also a great stress reliever, a great time to think deeply and also mash out any frustrations I might have from life off the bike.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

I bought a new bike this year, a Lynskey Cooper CX (it’s pretty much my dream bike), so taking the first ride on it was freakin’ amazing! Especially since I went from an aluminum frame to titanium, it was like going from a station wagon to a sports car. It met all my expectations and then some.

Tell us all about your bikes

Lynskey Cooper CX, Trek XO1, Trek 4300, recently sold my Fuji Absolute converted single speed.


Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!