It’s that time of the year. Unless you live in some odd part of the country that doesn’t receive seasons, fall is hitting you smack in the face. You may get caught in a cold rain, or have a headwind chilling you to the core on a late night commute.

Chrome has released a new jacket just for those reasons.

Meet the Chrome Storm Pasha

The Storm Pasha features fully-taped 100% waterproof breathable Chrome Storm™ technology. It has a bike-friendly fit for comfortable riding, pit zips and two way main zipper for active venting, a zippered back cargo pocket for cell phone and keys, and reflective details so you can be seen at night.

Features and Fit

  • Fully seam taped construction with waterproof Tactel nylon fabric
  • Zippered pit vents for on bike ventilation
  • High neck collar with 3 panel hood
  • Full width pass through back cargo pocket
  • Longer sleeves and torso for riding comfort
  • Waterproof two way main zipper for on bike ventilation

Personal thoughts on the Storm Pasha

I wish there were more colors, or at least color hits to make the jacket pop out in the dark while riding on the streets. Black is sexy and clean, but so is not dying. Once I get my hands on one I’ll be sure to let you know the fit and durability!


  1. It looks great, but before i even read anything i was wondering about color, and found you were concerned as well. Seems like more cyclist are having accidents with motor vehicles lately, so i always wear hi-vis yellow, lights on etc. looks like a great jacket for everyday use though

  2. Good-looking jacket! And I like that it’s black. I recognize the role of high-vis clothing but I want to look normal while I’m riding and I wear less of it all the time. I light up the bike and my helmet and ride so I’m visible.

    I can tell I’ve been riding long enough that my idea of a normal price point has adjusted to the bike world. The jacket is $200 on the Chrome site and I get why that would be the case.

    In that vein, I’m considering the Iva Jean rain cape at $240, made in Seattle (where I live now):

    What I like about that is that I could wear whatever jacket goes with my outfit for the day and put the rain protection on over the top. And I’ll certainly need it living in Seattle!

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