Sanity – A Bike Ride Away

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September Mountain Bike Rides

I’ve been pretty open lately about the events happening in my life. A break up, stressful sell season, and now moving. It’s easy to get wrapped in the moments that feel more like missing man hole covers on a skinny road but I am forever reminded that sanity, a breath of fresh air and a moment of happiness is simply a bike ride away.

While I haven’t been riding my bike as much as I should be during these moments of stress, sadness and pure happiness… I’m working on it.

This past week I found myself on a couple mountain bike rides. The first on my own, the second with a group of friends. My head wasn’t on completely, I dabbed and walked sections of my favorite trail that I normally can ride on a cyclocross bike. I had comments and shitty moments of self doubt but at the end of it I was much happier.

No matter how large the rut you are hitting is I would bet you that a bike ride will be able to find you sanity.

2 Comments on “Sanity – A Bike Ride Away”

  1. Come on down to Georgia and we’ll get in some good sanity rides! Hell, I can barely function if I go more than 2-3 days without riding my bike.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping a mostly positive attitude despite everything. It’s not easy, but you’ll be fine! : )

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Life has been throwing some stress and sadness my way lately, but some late night rides through the city have helped me keep my sanity. Keep your head up and keep on riding!!

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