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2013 Surly Bikes Preview

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I’ve been biased to the Surly brand since 2003. This is about when I purchased my first Karate Monkey “29er” and then again in 2004 when I picked up a hidden stock of the pink 1×1. Since then I’ve had many bikes with the Surly logo stickered down the side. Multiple Karate Monkey’s, a Long Haul Trucker, a Big Dummy and Steamroller.

There hasn’t been much change to the 2013 Surly lineup, some colors, a 14″ Pugsley and of course, the Krampus.

Disclaimer: I am now the Southeast rep for Surly. If you buy a new Surly Bike in NC, SC, TN, AL or GA, from an independent bicycle dealer, I will make money from it. I encourage it, and look forward to being able to afford a Krispy Kreme donut in your honor. 

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  1. jonathan
    19 Mar ’13 at 9:45 pm — Reply

    still a big fan of Surly stuff! I have a 2011 16″ Karate Monkey and I am thinking about getting a 18″ as the 16″ is a bit cramped for me. do you now how much the new 18″ frame alone weighs now?

    • 20 Mar ’13 at 9:35 am

      I dont.. it shouldn’t have changed

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