Motivational Monday: Ride with the Boys

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Lately as I have been traveling I have been doing my best to ride with others. Normally I ride by myself as it is my away time but getting closer to cyclocross season I need to push myself and riding with others does that to you.

Riding with women is one thing, but I can tell you that hanging on to the wheels of some fast boys is very motivating. Especially when they are sweet boys that will wait for you when they drop you.

Thank you Reality Bikes for the rides last week, and I look forward to whatever wheel I can suck this week!

2 Comments on “Motivational Monday: Ride with the Boys”

  1. I agree that group rides give you that extra push. I have to tell you that as a guy, riding with women is a great push as well. Just as riding with men for you can be motivating, riding with anyone who is faster motivates me.

    One of my favorite rides was finishing a century, riding the last 15 miles or so very fast. It was myself, another guy, and a woman. The woman led us home with some fierce speed and determination. We clung to her wheel for dear life. Turns out she was active duty Army and was riding Army strong. She flew to the finish and we were glad just to hang on.

    That was a great ride. I’m looking for the next fast wheel to motivate me, man or woman.

    1. Brian –

      That is a GREAT story! Thanks for adding to Motivational Monday

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