August, 2012

Image 29 Aug ’12

Femme Fondo in Franklin, TN

The only women’s Fondo that I know of, hosted by a great shop in Nashville

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NC Cyclocross 27 Aug ’12

Motivational Monday: ‘Tis Cyclocross Season

The weather is cooler, the days are getting shorter and this means one thing.

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loose nuts cycles 24 Aug ’12

Friday Shop Profile – Loose Nuts Cycles

Loose Nuts is my largest Surly dealer in most of the state of GA. Running out of a

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Pisgah Area SORBA 22 Aug ’12

Another Day, Another Dollar – This One in Knoxville

Traveling between Asheville, NC and Knoxville,TN this week. Hitting up a handful of

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7812107102_4f9fa6c2bb_o 20 Aug ’12

Motivational Monday: Ride with the Boys

Lately as I have been traveling I have been doing my best to ride with others.

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Lazer glasses 19 Aug ’12

A Week in Review

These next two months are completely full throttle for me. On one side I have

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photo-6 19 Aug ’12

Southern Spokes Recap

I’m working on a long recap for to fill everyone in, thank

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Traveling Sales 16 Aug ’12

Traveling Through Georgia

In Georgia, Cumming Georgia to be exact. Crashed at a friends house, thanks

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nodaclassic 14 Aug ’12

Charlotte Cycling Classic: NODA-Freedom Park-NODA

Let’s see if I can convince my GF to do this on Saturday… From 36th

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Twin Six Dopers Suck 1 Aug ’12

Twin Six Hump Day Sale: Dopers Suck

We all know how much we hate dopers. They have killed the image of American cycling

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