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Surly Krampus

Surly Krampus and the 29+ Take Over

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The last 10 days of my existence I’ve been in Utah drinking in all of the new bike knowledge I could handle. One of the biggest things that came out of the event of Saddle Drive was a new fatty bike from Surly Bikes.

Meet the Surly Krampus

Surly has coined a new term in the cycling industry called 29+.

3″ tired 29er mountain bike. Take your beloved Surly Karate Monkey or Ogre, enter some EPO, a different rear yoke, different geometry and fork… and you have the Krampus.

While better written folks have talked about the Krampus I feel it is my duty as your Southeast Surly rep to give you my take on it, especially for the territory I live. Read more from smarter people here:  Surly & DirtRag

The Krampus is f’n awesome

Take the fat tire smile fest of a Surly Pugsley and make it feel more like a mountain bike instead of feeling totally different from anything you have ridden before.

The low PSI of the 3″ tires makes traction easier to keep, the handling will be loved in the mountains of Pisgah. The simple design, the beautiful sparkling paint job and name make it a sought after bike already.

Ride a Krampus at Southern Spokes

We will have a few early production Krampus for demo at Southern Spokes! This will be the first consumer place to ride a 29+ (to my knowledge).

Disclaimer: I am a Surly rep and will make money off this bike if you are to purchase it in the Southeast area of the USA. That doesn’t sway my view and this bike is still awesome, even if I didn’t make money off of it.
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