number 10

10 Things to Know as a Beginner

As with any sport it can be very daunting and overwhelming when you walk into a completely foreign arena. Questions, fears, hesitance, embarrassment, and so many emotions are rushing through you that by the time you even get on a bike you are stressed out. Here is a list of things I wish I had known, and I wish more women knew, when they first walk…

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Arleigh Jenkins

Motivation Monday: Finding Time Away

Finding motivation is something that during any point of a day we all struggle with. Motivation to get out of bed when your alarm sounds, motivation to follow your dreams, motivation to set goals, and motivation to live the life you want to live. Often I am motivated by people, by photos, by quotes and even sometimes desires. My latest motivation is by helping my…

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Focusing on the Reasons We Do This

Why do we do this anyways? why do we ride bikes why do I write blogs why do I take pictures why do I make coffee It makes us happy, it fills a need, we are passionate about it, it is an addiction. I do like to ride my bike fast, I like to keep up with the spandex crowd and shoot the shit. Here’s…

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And…I’m Back

Dog neutered, complications, recovery, server and malware issues, new fun/rep/bike traveling vehicle to be had, some bike rides, some new friends and now.. it’s the 4th of July. Sitting here watching my dog tied to a couch leg so not to move, the Tour de France on TV and a long list of things in my head that need to be done. How is your summer…

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