Motivational Monday: The Olympics

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Are you watching the Olympics? Did you watch the women’s road race? You should have, it was brilliant.

What is the sport you are obsessed with during the summer Olympics?

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  1. Hi, Arleigh! You’re right, we should have! It was a tough, hard fought, memorable race. It was long, it was crowded. the road was slippery, and the rain was epic. Those gals gave it their all, in spite of the horrible (and even dangerous) weather conditions. Tactics were a little suspect towards the end of the race, IMHO – but I think that was due to fatigue and the weather, plus some key crashes (and flats) in that last 30 or so miles. When that final break went, MOST of the right people were in it (where was Emma Poole???), and to see Shelly Olds flat while in that break was heartbreaking. Vos winning was almost expected, but Armisted really poured out her soul to best her on that sprint. You’re right, Arleigh – we ALL should have seen it!

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