Motivation Monday: Finding Time Away

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Arleigh Jenkins

Finding motivation is something that during any point of a day we all struggle with. Motivation to get out of bed when your alarm sounds, motivation to follow your dreams, motivation to set goals, and motivation to live the life you want to live.

Often I am motivated by people, by photos, by quotes and even sometimes desires. My latest motivation is by helping my girlfriend over come her mountain biking fears and becoming a better cyclist this summer. Finding motivation and creating motivation is a unique thing in life. You need to find what really drives you, what drives you to be better, to make others better.

Last year a friend and I created EM:PWR cycling, to empower other cyclist while empowering yourself. First thing first is what is important, what isn’t important and how do you prioritize those in life?

This weekend it meant forgetting the Garmin, not bashing on the front of the ride but sitting at the back chatting away.

What did you do this weekend? How did you EM:PWR others? I wore unmatching spandex, poking fun of myself, feeling fears, showing emotion and did my best not to intimidate my girlfriend while riding my singlespeed on the mountain bike trail.

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