Focusing on the Reasons We Do This

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Why do we do this anyways?

why do we ride bikes
why do I write blogs
why do I take pictures
why do I make coffee

It makes us happy, it fills a need, we are passionate about it, it is an addiction.

I do like to ride my bike fast, I like to keep up with the spandex crowd and shoot the shit.

Here’s the thing though, at the end of the day the thing that brings me the most joy is helping others overcome their fears and getting more butts on bikes. That’s what we need to make cycling a safer hobby, more butts on bikes. Earlier this week I was called out on practicing what I preach. As I’ve gotten more wrapped up in “training” then family or friends. They do overlap to a point but doing well in cyclocross this fall isn’t as important as getting my girlfriend on a mountain bike more this summer.

After some soul searching over the past few weeks, a busy schedule, some driving and not a lot of riding this is what I’ve come up with. As a tech geek I plan on still reviewing new high end product as the time arises but I also plan on moving focus back to motivation and tips. Things you can’t find else where on the inter-web.

Let’s focus on bikes for the joy of riding. For finding your freedom, for finding yourself, for losing weight or losing yourself.

2 Comments on “Focusing on the Reasons We Do This”

  1. It sounds like you’re happy having reaced this decision. Thanks for the update! I suspect that the silent majority of women riders are those of us who bike for the joy of riding, who will never want to race, but nonetheless wouldn’t mind learning how to be a better cyclist.

  2. My boyfriend upgraded my Walmart bike 2 weeks ago. I would never imagine how much JOY I could find in riding my bike. Although, never the type to drive to the corner store, I wont hesitate to pedal. No place seems to near or far to travel on my bike. I love cycling. It completes me!

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