Saturday Night Bikepacking Thoughts

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I have a mental list of things to start conquering. A few of them we have talked about (or I have typed about and you have read) including more consistent training, getting into routines, work habits, etc etc. Every once in a blue moon I may start talking about bikepacking and short over night trips. There’s bigger plans behind it but for now to simply add a basic adventure to everyday life without needing to rearrange and create a big ordeal to get out and have that adventure.

What’s bikepacking?

Backpacking + bike = bikepacking. Normally sans the pannier or tow behind trailer and you pack the gear ON your bike with fancy frame bags.

Get it?

Inspiration for Bikepacking

Here’s some folks that inspire me with their blogging and photos of bikepacking

Big Wheel Building

Dirt and Dogs


Chad’s Bikepacking

Space Cowgirl

Jill Outside


The Adventure Monkey

True Love Health

Photo credit- The Cyclist Site 

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