Bike Shop Girl | Next Race on the Calendar: Tree Shaker 8 Hour
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Next Race on the Calendar: Tree Shaker 8 Hour

Tree Shaker 8 Hour MTB Race

Next Race on the Calendar: Tree Shaker 8 Hour

As I look back at this spring and my two “A” races it makes me rather frustrated that both of those races ended in tears. Both gave me motivation after looking through the dark very, very hard!

Warrior Creek 6 Hour ended with me so wrecked from my crank seizing up and having to walk/struggle.

Burn 24 Hour ended with me wrecking myself out 9.5 hours in.

Take What You Learned and Move ON

Another way to say it, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Endurance racing is hard as you put a ton of energy into one race. Not only training, but financials, pit support, setup, take down, etc. To have your race ruined due to a mechanical, physical or emotion break down completely stinks as it isn’t like it was a 2 hour race and you’ll be doing another one next week.

Tree Shaker 8 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Next up is an 8 hour race not too far from my home. Located in Fort Mill, SC this race will be a ton of laps and hopefully a ton of fun. Running from 9am to 5pm it will be a hot one at the end of June!

I’ll be doing this solo, hopefully a couple friends will be racing it duo and keeping me company out there. Kim will be my perfect pit crew boss and keeping things running smoothly.

Goals? Too early to tell. I know I won’t win the thing, but good consistent lap times with short pits is the main focus for me. Simply swap water bottles, eat something and keep moving.

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