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My Bikes: Foundry Cycles Auger B1

Foundry Cycles Auger B1

My Bikes: Foundry Cycles Auger B1

As a rep for Quality Bicycle Products I have many bikes that are ridden and driven all around the Southeast. They are *all* considered demo’s, so if you are in the southeast and want to try out one of my bikes let me know in the comments or drop me a line on the contact page.

The newest bike in my fleet is a cyclocross bike from Foundry Cycles. When looking through all the brands I rep for my next cyclocross bike for the upcoming season I was automatically drawn to the Auger. Late last season I had raced a Ridley X-Fire, while I enjoyed it immensely (and will probably end up on a disc version this year) the geometry was more race driven than I wanted to ride this summer and I also wanted to try something different.

Foundry Cycles

The brand of Foundry really speaks to me on so many different levels. First the marketing, “It’s a tool – not a trophy”. I ride the crap out of my bikes, hate when they have any issues and want to hang them up wet to be ridden hard the next day. Jason, the brand manager, is also on my top 10 list of marketing minds in the bike industry. Heck, he might be in the top 5. I want to ride and sell the crap out of Foundry so that Jason’s dream is delivered and so that he has more reasons to visit my territory.

Foundry Cycles Auger

Model Specifics of the Auger B1

MSRP: $3,399
Size 56cm
B1 with cantilevers
SRAM Red Shifters & Rear Derailler
SRAM S900 Carbon cross geared 38/46 cranks
FSA parts
TRP CX8.4 Mini v-brakes
Alex rims to formula hubs


Things I have swapped/installed

Lizard Skins DPS handlebar tape *my favorite cross tape*
Handspun Powertap rear wheel: Hed Belgium 28h rim to Powertap Pro hub (MSRP: $1245 Part #WE7370)
Michelin Pro4 service course tires. 25c in the front, 23c pink in the back
Specialized Ruby saddle

Handspun Powertap Pro to HED Belgium

Things moving forward I’ll swap

I haven’t weighed the bike in since installing the powertap, that’s not race weight since I won’t be racing but a few races with it on. Getting closer to September for “go” time I’ll start bringing the weight down. Looking at carbon bar and seatpost, lighter stem and installing my Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-way fit wheels. ¬†That will probably knock off roughly 3 pounds across the bike bringing it in around 16 lbs.
I also have my eyes on the Paul Mini Moto brakes…

Why the B1 with Canti’s?

This is a common question I get in shops. Why did you get a cyclocross bike with top level components? Why did you get canti’s instead of disc brakes?

As this is going to be my do all bike for the next 6 months through the end of cross season I wanted parts I know that will last. Ceramic pullies, carbon cranks and the feel of Red shifting = yummy. The extra savings in weight was also a thought.

I plan on getting behind the disc brake train for cyclocross as I am primarily a mountain biker. For now, to switch all my road/cx stuff over the disc would be expensive undertaking. I wanted a bike for the next 6 months to train on a ton, and possibly do some road races on – canti was the way to go. Oh yes, also I would have to be investing in a disc brake pit bike for easy swap of wheels, parts, etc. It is also being said that swapping back and forth in a race between a disc and canti setup can really screw up your lines and feel on a course. I see myself at the end of cross season selling this bike and getting the disc model before Southern Cross next year.

My Feelings and Conclusion

I absolutely freaking love my Auger. In the past month we have put on roughly 300 miles together. Nothing super crazy, but a lot considered I’ve only had a handful of rides on it due to mountain bike racing and travel. I am paid to sell Foundry, but I’m paid to sell many brands with many great models. Each brand and model fitting a different need or person. The Auger is my dream “road”/cx bike. Pedal out a road century one day, swap tires and do some gravel racing or light mountain biking the next. As a person that does want the best worlds out of one bike I have not been let down by Foundry. Aesthetically I really like the matte black carbon, it allows me to accessorize to my liking and not be stuck with one color the rest of the bikes life.

Whisky parts co fork

Riding wise the bike is stiff and feels like carbon under you. The front fork does not shutter under load from the front brake, this might also be partially due to the TRP Mini V-Brakes. The wheelbase gives you a nice stable feel but the oversized bottom bracket lets you put the pedal to the metal. I’ve carved some pretty fast downhills already on the bike, and hit it hard on some straight aways – each time the Auger delivered. It has made me craving more time on the pavement, which is a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.

Disclaimer: I am an independent contractor for Quality Bicycle Products and Foundry Cycles. I purchased this bike, but also make money if you buy a Foundry product in the Southeast. This doesn’t sway my opinions and I’m going to tell you exactly what the bike rides like and who it is meant for.¬†

  • Michael Chow
    Posted at 10:25h, 21 June Reply

    How many bikes do have actually? You looks very enjoy your hobby

  • Dave Bartel
    Posted at 23:42h, 21 December Reply

    Their Broadaxe carbon hardtail MTB is also an understadedly elegant slice of beauty. If I were going to race XC, the Broadaxe would be on my shortlist of bikes to choose from.

  • Liz hablinski
    Posted at 12:10h, 22 August Reply

    I have that bike.. Love it

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