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3 Jun ’12 Comments (2) Blog, Training

Happy Legs on the Foundry Auger

Foundry Auger
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Foundry Auger

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Legs were moving much better today on the road bike. A good mellow 2 hour endurance pace with some spin up intervals towards the end. Really enjoying the Foundry Auger. Full write up will be coming soon as I finally snapped some decent pictures during my ride today.

Tomorrow starts the build phase of the summer with goals of cyclocross in the fall. Roughly 15 hours on the training plan this week from the coach, my main goal this week is to get back on the pony and find that confidence in my legs again. Mixed with a ton of prep work, phone calls and meetings with dealers to prepare for 2013 product…this will be a couple busy weeks!

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  1. Todd says:

    Nice simple customization on your Auger. Way to make it your own. Sounds like you’re enjoying it.

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