A new project is in the works within my beloved Charlotte North Carolina.

Charlotte Cross City Trail

A 26 mile trail that would connect the northeast sector to the southeast. Connecting major colleges to major downtown city and allowing many communities to be connected without the need of a motor vehicle.

It is exciting to hear that Charlotte has even thought outside of the box as far to think of this. It is frustrating as it may not be part of the current budget, but it is still lives hope in my alternative transportation heart. While I have my fingers crossed that our council will get this project pushed through on the current budget (I’ll be able to tell you by the end of the month) I am excited that we have the plans in place to see this happen somewhere in the future. Hope for Charlotte, hope for bikes, hope for making my city more friendly so my kids don’t have to always drive to be safe.

Learn about the project here: http://maps.charlottenc.gov/ProposedCIP/

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  1. Voters will get to decide if this project is funded and happens or not. $5M in funding to get the project started is including in the Community Investment Plan bond referendum on the ballot this November, and another $30M is planned to be included in the referendum in November 2016. It’s up to the voters in Charlotte.

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