Unplugged for a Week

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Have no fear, I’m still kicking. I took a week off from the blog and riding my bike to spend time with family and work on some other projects. We all need a break sometimes. Mentally, physically and emotionally. This … Read More

Charlotte Cross City Trail

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Charlotte Cross City Trail

A new project is in the works within my beloved Charlotte North Carolina. A 26 mile trail that would connect the northeast sector to the southeast. Connecting major colleges to major downtown city and allowing many communities to be connected without … Read More

Viva La Bicicleta

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Viva la Bicicleta Tee

Philosophy of Viva La Bicicleta  Simple: get everyone out on a bike and riding. Viva encourages everyone to feel the freedom one gets from riding a bicycle. You see more of your surroundings, feel the wind in your hair (under your helmet!), … Read More

Dicky and Zac Forever

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My fellow Charlotte friends, Dicky and Zac, want to goto Idaho. There is a contest going on and they want to win bad. How bad? This how they spent their weekend…

Finding the White Line

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When people ask me what time of rider I am normally say a mountain biker. It isn’t true though. I started out fascinated with road biking and racing, and happened to enjoy the adventure of mountain biking a lot over … Read More