Short & Sweet Review: Giro DJ Gloves

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Giro DJ Glove Review

Touch points on the bike are critical. I talk about saddles, shorts, grips, gloves and shoes enough that I hope you realize how important those comforts are.

Introducing Giro DJ Gloves $34.99

Last week I was in Piney Flats Bicycles in Piney Flats, TN. On their wall a rather bright pair of gloves caught my eye. Giro DJ Gloves, the padding was minimum, the venting looked great, and the wrist wrap was very comfortable. Of course I bought them. Forever I’m looking for good gloves that fit my very long, skinny, hands.

Giro DJ Glove Review

Initial Preview

The gloves have about 4 rides on them. They are working well in the hot North Carolina temperatures. The grip is perfect. The color doesn’t match anything, but that makes it wonderful. The wrist wrap is probably more than a normal XC or roadie will like as it comes up your over your wrist. For longer rides I like the compression and for harder rides I like the grip. The gloves don’t have tons of padding, it’s more about proper contact and keeping your hands from wilting.

So far I am pleased. So much that I probably will end up ordering the orange and white ones from the Giro website. They match my bikes perfectly, that is important too.

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Disclaimer: I purchased these gloves and my opinion is my own, no one else’s. 

2 Comments on “Short & Sweet Review: Giro DJ Gloves”

  1. Very good review…. I too hate it when my gloves don’t match my bike… the main reason I have not riden in a year :-). (btw… you have an extra “your” in there.
    I am looking for a good pair of summer gloves and have had a tough time finding those… any thoughts?

  2. Dale – long finger or short? For where you ride I recommend long.

    Padding or just for protection?

    Where’s that extra your? 🙂

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