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Preparing for Burn 24 (Plus a Light Promo)

2 Burn 24 Hour

Burn 24 Hour

Over the next few days I’ll be posting rambling post, maybe gear setup thoughts and simply going a bit bonkers prior to my 24 solo race next weekend at Burn 24 in Wilkesboro, NC. (Ladies sign up, I need people to ride with in the middle of the night!)

A few more last decent rides left before race day. Tonights ride will be to test out light setups, battery burn times, and night setup. I’ll have a good amount of rambling thoughts after sitting 4 hours in the dark tonight.
If you are around tonight not doing anything, come ride with me! Will be leaving the house and riding down to North Meck Park. If you need lights I got a couple extra sets for borrowing.

Speaking of Lights.. Don’t Be Left in the Dark at Burn24

Long time sponsor of the Bike Shop Girl, Light & Motion is coming back strong in 2012 and there’s no excuse for you to be left in the dark on Dark Mountain. They’re bringing the goods for you to demo and keep the aliens at bay. We will have brand new Seca 1400s ($50), Seca 800s ($45), Stella 600 Duals ($40), and Stella 300s ($40) available to rent. A killer deal will be offered for anyone who wants to ride with a helmet and bar-mounted light – $75 for the race bundle, a Seca and Stella!!! All systems come with a battery and can be used as helmet or bar mounted lights. We also have additional batteries available to rent. Our friendly staff will help outfit you with lights, label your batteries, and give you tips to ride confidently and fast at night!

 Reserve your rental by contacting Heidi at hhall@lightandmotion.com. Let her know soon. The race is next weekend and it’s a long way from CA to NC.
 Turn on the gas when the sun goes down for a chance to win your own Seca 800! The male and female with the fastest night lap will walk away with just that, a new light. If that’s not enough, pick up a coupon for 15% off your next light purchase from Light & Motion. Don’t be left in the DARK!

Southern Cycling Culture: August 10-12th

I’ve been keeping something hot under my cycling lid. 
An event August 10-12th in NC. The goal is to focus on Southern Cycling Culture. Open houses, bike rides, skills clinics, family friendly, cycling vendors from all over the south. Now I need help naming this event. So far I have…
Pedal South
Grits ‘n Gears
Dirty South Bike Fest
Southern Pedal
Southern Spokes
Which do you like? Which appeals to you? Or do you have something creative that kicks butt??

Friday Ride at Lake Norman State Park


The goal from my coach today was 3.5-4 hours on the bike I’ll be racing next week at Burn 24. Every 30 minutes do 5 minutes of tempo leading into 5 minutes of threshold. My personal goal was to do 45 minute loops on the various trails at Lake Norman. Swinging by the car to dial in my new shoes and test out the 4 different saddles I brought with me.

Probably not the smartest thing to do a week before a 24 hour race, new shoes and new saddle. Yet, I seemed to find a good place for my rear on a Specialized Ruby saddle that I had picked up earlier this week at Motion Makers in Asheville. The new shoes, Specialized MotoDiva, still need dialing but mainly cleat position as the plate underneath is much different than that of my old Bontragers.

The ride was cut short with stomach issues and my legs dying by the 3rd round of threshold. 2.5 hours, one hour short, but I came home. Propping my legs up and getting a good nights rest. Tomorrow is another 4 hours on the mountain bike, planning on hitting up North Meck park for a ton of laps to test out the new lights.

New Bike Lights for Burn 24 Hour

1 Light & Motion Seca 800

The Santa Claus of shipping brought many goodies last week, the timing is in order to get things sorted and tested for the upcoming Burn 24 Hour race. New parts getting installed, new rear wheel, new Camelbak, new chamois, and now new bright ass lights.

Light & Motion Seca 1400

1400 lumens on a light is completely amazing craziness. I remember when my previous Seca 800 was the brightest thing out there. Cars thought I had high beams on as I commuted on the road and on the trail even my sleep deprived eyes could see well with the high beam on.

I plan on doing a few test rides this weekend to get the helmet and handlebar light figured out. In my arsenal I have the Seca 1400 or 800 and Seca 600 or 300. Write out battery charging and burn time for my pit crew, probably even put the helmet light on my other Lazer helmet so that I can secure it and it ready to rock when the sun goes down Memorial Day weekend during race time.

Do You Ride at Night?

Night riding is one of my favorite things to do in mountain biking. Commuting at night I feel like people can see me better, especially with 1400 lumens shining at them!!

Tell us about your night riding, what lights do you use? Do you have questions for Light & Motion or myself about what lights you need or batteries?