The Santa Claus of shipping brought many goodies last week, the timing is in order to get things sorted and tested for the upcoming Burn 24 Hour race. New parts getting installed, new rear wheel, new Camelbak, new chamois, and now new bright ass lights.

Light & Motion Seca 1400

1400 lumens on a light is completely amazing craziness. I remember when my previous Seca 800 was the brightest thing out there. Cars thought I had high beams on as I commuted on the road and on the trail even my sleep deprived eyes could see well with the high beam on.

I plan on doing a few test rides this weekend to get the helmet and handlebar light figured out. In my arsenal I have the Seca 1400 or 800 and Seca 600 or 300. Write out battery charging and burn time for my pit crew, probably even put the helmet light on my other Lazer helmet so that I can secure it and it ready to rock when the sun goes down Memorial Day weekend during race time.

Do You Ride at Night?

Night riding is one of my favorite things to do in mountain biking. Commuting at night I feel like people can see me better, especially with 1400 lumens shining at them!!

Tell us about your night riding, what lights do you use? Do you have questions for Light & Motion or myself about what lights you need or batteries?


  1. I’ve been *very* happy with my Light and Motion lights. Cooling and cable problems from another brand drove me crazy — and I blew through three sets of lights in 18 months.

    Switched to L&M. and the quality difference is … pardon the pun … night and day. Been beating the crap out of a set of Stella 400s with zero trouble. My Vis 180 taillight still holds a great charge, and it’s insanely visible. Good stuff.

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