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A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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List of Love: Twin Six

Fat Cyclist Twin Six

List of Love: Twin Six

I use a lot of bike gear, I ride about 5-7 days a week depending on work and I use a lot of bike gear. As I abuse and use things I want to start talking about brands or products that I fully support. Don’t think of these as reviews but as manifestos of LOVE.

Let’s take a moment, flip back to Interbike of 2005. Meet Twin Six and fall in love with the styles of Brent Gale and Ryan Carlson. For the next year Brent was a great support role and simply a good person to talk to as I traveled the roads of North Carolina finding my place in life. The Bike Shop Girl “chick” you see is Brent’s vision. We talked for many hours as I drove from building wheels at Cane Creek to home in Charlotte NC as he sat in his basement slaving away creating the company that is Twin Six. (I should mention Ryan was slaving away as well.)

Through the years Twin Six has always been there. If I put on a race, start a team, need new chamois, travel, crash, interview and so on. The guys of Twin Six have always been there. Recently Mark has allowed me to spread Twin Six goodness in shops in the southeast in hopes that my fellow spandex lovers would look better!

Before I talk about product, I want to say this. This company is owned by two very caring guys, that design nice cycling goods. They help out the cycling industry, they understand grassroots, they ride their bikes and to me they are what the industry needs.

See what gets me excited below the break..

A quick run down of  Twin Six current lineup that I literally live in

Twin Six Crumpler Bag

I have to first mention the Crumpler Team Bag. I’ve had this for many, many, years. Since 2006 maybe? My girlfriend took over ownership in 2008 and it is her “bag”. Work out, travel, fit a small child or animal. It is perfect and beautiful to do all of those things.

Fat Cyclist Twin Six

Anything Fat Cyclist. I don’t care if you think the guy behind is a jack, the cause he started during his families fight against cancer, and then losing his wife to cancer – that is something to support. The people that don’t know Fat Cyclist story love the simple name. When I feel fat I wear it and when I need motivation I wear it in honor of Susan.

Twin Six Grand Prix Kit

The Grand Prix kit is easily the hottest kit out there this season. Sleeveless, short sleeve and matching bibs. Do it.

Twin Six Crank Jersey

Twin Six Crank Bibs

Twin Six Crank Socks

My latest lust is the Crank kit. Yes it is for “guys” but I swear their bibs are super comfy. Jersey, bibs and socks to match! Show up to your next race wearing logo free awesomeness!

I wasn’t paid or bribed for this ballad of love. I sometimes get free stuff from time to time but I wear it because it’s comfortable!

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