Motivational Monday with Miranda

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Motivational Monday Melinda

What’s your name and location?

Miranda from Dallas, y’all

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Relaxed rides on trails and around lakes, commuter biking, road biking.

What is your first cycling memory?

Oh my goodness, this is an intense one. I remember riding around the church parking lot across from my house. My papa was watching my sisters and me and I wanted to show off my sweet moves for him. As I peddled around in dizzying circles, I lost control and fell hands first into the gravel. Since Papa was already old (he was my great grandfather), it took him a bit to come over. By the time he arrived, the blood had already congealed and covered up the piece of rock buried in my hand. Papa had only one choice. As he took out his pocket knife to clean it, my four year old self screamed bloody murder. My sisters held me down while Papa used the knife to cut the rock out of my hand and the hanging skin around it. I made it home where my mom bandaged it up. Definitely not a memory I easily forgot!

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

I don’t know exactly who inspires me. I ride because it is a time to be by myself, to think, to experience the world, to spend time with God if you will. Yes, I love to ride with my friends, but biking has usually been about getting rid of stress or finding peace in the crazy days.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

Probably while I was in a small village called Santinetikan in India. There were no cars, so everyone got around by bike, foot, or motorcycle. We were able to rent out these (terrible) vintage, slightly rusted cruisers to get around. As the sun was setting and the rice workers were coming in, the twilight called all the lightning bugs out to play. I remember looking up at the dusky sky, surrounded by jungle and fireflies and all I could think of (which is cheesy I know) is that I am experiencing something magical. I wish everyone could experience that moment, stopping by the holy river, watching the villagers go about their life without knowing how special (even if poverty stricken) it is. In that moment I easily could have left everything here in the states for that rusty bicycle in that old village in the jungle.

Tell us all about your bikes

I have had many bikes over the years. My favorite, a light purple vintage Schwinn road bike with original gears named Fernando, was stolen a couple of years ago. Right now I am riding a cherry red vintage Takara that makes all the bikers in Dallas jealous for some reason. This bike is named Fabregas (I name my bikes after Barcelona futbol players) and was custom rebuilt for me by an after school program in Dallas called Mercy Street. It is awesome to still be able to go out to west Dallas and ride the levees with the kids that built this bike for me.

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