A popular question after cycling shorts and saddle recommendations is normally about chamois cream. If you haven’t heard about it before don’t feel too left out as it isn’t talked about too much. Chamois cream or butter it basically is under carriage lube.

Wait what? Yes, a cream you put between you and the shorts.

Why do I need Chamois Cream?

I go through spurts of not using chamois cream because I forget it or forget to buy new. Depending on my shorts, saddle and bike fit sometimes it is fine. Below you’ll find a list of reasons I recommend it!

  • Prevents chaffing, keeping your skin from rubbing together or rubbing against your shorts/saddle
  • Many creams have anti-bacterial in side of it
  • Helps with shaving bumps and in grown hair
  • Many creams have a cooling sensation that is helpful if you get hot spots or are simply warm down there on a hot day

What kind of Chamois Cream do I recommend?

This is tough, at the end I recommend to try different types and to figure out what ingredients you like. I’ve never had any rash or allergic reaction to any of the ones I recommend.

Assos Chamois Creme

Assos Chamois Creme

This is the original to me. I remember being 16 and the only other cycling girl I knew recommending it. It because ritual and the smell still reminds me of long rides. It has a cooling sensation which is also nice.

DZ Bliss

DZ Nuts Bliss

One of the first to make a “female specific” cream. I’ve used it, and can say I can’t tell a difference..it doesn’t seem to have such a cooling sensation and smells less medicated. I have also used the standard “guys” version which works just as well for me.

Chamois Butt'r

Chamois Butt’r

This is probably the most popular kind you’ll find in any bike shop. The standard version doesn’t cool as much, and I have been using the Eurostyle for the past few months. One nice thing about this type is they sell tubes of “sample” sizes to bike shops. I like these for folks trying out chamois butt’r for the first time, or for long rides to keep in your pocket!

How to Install Chamois Cream

I’ve heard so many ways to do this, either put it on your short before you put it on, or slather it all over yourself. I’ve tried putting it on the chamois and hated it. It made it feel like I was putting on a damp diaper.

  • Try starting with a quarter size of cream, I’m a fan of the squirt bottles over the scoop style jars
  • I personally put it in my butt crease, the groin crease and lightly on soft tissues that come in contact with my shorts
  • Don’t over do it! Start small and see how much you need!

What do you do??

What do you like? What have you used? Chime in below!

Disclaimer: If you purchase the products through the links above I receive commission from JensonUSA. 


  1. I am a fan of the stuff, its like diaper rash cream. Always aply to my body never my short. You should do the same sort of questions and summary on embro, I think its all hype but would lobe to hear other opinions.

  2. I really only use it for long (3+ hr) rides, and with certain shorts.

    I like to use the Chamois Butt’r cause its easy to come across mixed with a bit of Bag Balm (in a green tin, found at any drugstore) for antiseptic properties.

    Also, while touring though western PA/NY in summer heat (105 when we left) where bike shops were few & far between, my partner and I used Burts Bees diaper rash cream. It worked okay on the bike & helped skin heal out of the saddle.

    Also, I like the BodyGlide anti chaffing stick for other small areas like around bra straps.

    Ditto on the embro. I feel like it’s just a way for dudes to use fancy cream/bengay.

  3. Chamois cream is a must for me on any longer ride or race, but I have a sensitivity to glycerin and the three above have caused irritations. I use Enzo’s Buttonhole, it is an all-natural, vegan chamois butter with a peppermint tingle. I like it, but do find I have to reapply frequently on hot days–without the thickening properties of glycerin it tends to dissolve a bit when sweaty.

  4. I like Gooch Guard. Ridiculous name but works well. It has a cooling effect, the ingredients aren’t scary and it’s a light weight creme.
    I don’t apply it to my shorts either; the term wet diaper is exact.

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