This Is Going To Hurt

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On the training plan for today: (this is after eating half a box of thin mints, lunch and coffee.)

Workout type: Bike Hill sprints. Ride for 60 minutes in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Then do 3 x 30 second sprints up 5-8% hill, in and out of saddle (4.5 minute recoveries in HR zone 1 or Power L1). Strive to reach Power L6 on each sprint. 90+ rpm. 3 sets. 10 minutes between sets in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Finish ride spinning in heart rate zones 1-2 or power L1. Planned Time: 2:00

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  1. I feel sick just reading that. I ate too much mashed potatoes and pedaled it out on the trainer for an hour. I need more commitment and less starch. Bring on spring!!

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