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Your Spring Cleaning List


Do you ever have those days that you walk into your bike room or storage area to feel over whelmed? You simply want to ride your bike, but over the winter you have neglected your bike. Hung it up wet, wore down the chain, you need a new cassette, your rear brake is dragging and needs bled, and so forth.

That’s how I feel today. I walk into my garage, which is filled with bikes mind you, and realize I have a ton to do. Multiple bikes need washed, my new Ridley Orion needs cables adjusted, there is a Karate Monkey half built, a Pugsley that needs cleaned and transported to a shop for demo, two bikes that need sold and a few boxes in the middle that need shipped back to their home.

Spring is calling and all I want to do is ride

I think that is a fact for everyone that reads this here bloggie. Do yourself and your bikes a favor and don’t neglect them. Take a moment this week and lube your chain, check your tire life and maybe do a quick tune up. If you don’t have the skill or time, right now is a good time to take the bikes to the shop for service before the spring rush hits!


What’s Your Schedule?


As I am planning my Southeast domination with races, expos, rides and travel I want to know what is on YOUR SCHEDULE!

This Is Going To Hurt


On the training plan for today: (this is after eating half a box of thin mints, lunch and coffee.)

Workout type: Bike Hill sprints. Ride for 60 minutes in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Then do 3 x 30 second sprints up 5-8% hill, in and out of saddle (4.5 minute recoveries in HR zone 1 or Power L1). Strive to reach Power L6 on each sprint. 90+ rpm. 3 sets. 10 minutes between sets in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Finish ride spinning in heart rate zones 1-2 or power L1. Planned Time: 2:00

Recently Spotted: Camouflage Cycling Caps

2 realtreeblackfront-1

I live in the dirty south and can say this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this spring. If I can get some bike shops to pick it up, they’ll sell a ton in the South!

Rothera Cycling Real Tree Camouflage Cycling Cap $30

Women’s Night at Liberty Bicycles in Asheville

0 WmnsEveWebHP

As I finish typing this I will be headed up to Asheville. First to Motion Makers to pick up a GoPro Hero2 camera, then to Bent Creek for some mountain biking and then to Liberty Bicycles to help with their women’s evening TONIGHT!

Join us at Liberty Bicycles on Friday for an evening of fun!

We will be selling raffle tickets for $2.  Two Jersey / Short combos will be given away, a Gore set valued at $210 and a Bontrager set valued at $140.  All proceeds will go to Trips For Kids WNC.

All Clothing and Accessories 15% off for the evening!

See below for the exciting guests that will be joining us!
Refreshments will be provided.

Reservations requested – call 828-274-2453 or email

Review: Bike After Dark Fireball Mark II Wheel Light

3 Bike After Dark Fireball Mark II

This review was put in play by Luna Cycles in Lenior, NC. I am very grateful for their time and assistance, and commuter knowledge!

Visibility is the bane of cyclists everywhere. As a daily commuter, I find myself riding in the worst visibility conditions: early morning light, evening dusk, rain, fog, and nighttime darkness. I wear high-visibility yellow, I strap a riot of blinking lights to the front and back of my bike – I’d get a head-to-toe glow in the dark tattoo if I thought it would help – all in a quest to be noticed by drivers. It was with this quest in mind that I jumped at the opportunity to try out the Fireball Mark II light from Bike After Dark.

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Mountain Bike Fit Musings

8 Salsa Spearfish

Salsa Spearfish

For the past 5 or so years I have been a 29er (and 650b) lover. Normally my mountain bike is a single speed, full rigid rig. Sometimes an 80mm hard tail, or something of the variety. Lately I’ve been spending more and more time on my Salsa Spearfish 29er. 100mm in the front, 80mm in the rear. The bike is a real treat to ride, and as I adventure more and more around the southeast I do believe it is the perfect bike for 90% of the trails.

Here’s Where I Am Struggling

One thing I am working on this spring is going up. Learning how to climb for longer periods. Learning to sit and spin up steeper terrain than I have been able to in the past. Normally I stand and mash on my hardtail, but I am working on learning how to position my body better and use stabilizer muscles.

The issue I have been running into has multiple layers, but the basics is that I am trying to figure out how to ride a 100mm front end up steeper terrain. I believe it is either a fit with stem change problem, or maybe I need to practice more problem.

Here’s what I am experiencing while climbing

  • Harder time keeping the front end down, even when I have a decent amount of weight on the front
  • I can’t steer too well when climbing. If it is straight, I am fine, but switchbacks I’m completely lost on body position. (Is this just practice?)
  • The front end wants to flop under slow and steep. I know this has partially to do with the 29er front wheel, more slack geometry and 100mm fork than my normal hardtail 29ers.

My Mountain Climbing Friends – Give me advice

A good part of it is riding more up hill. Learning the balance of my bike. But do you have specific suggestions, maybe with bike fit or technique?

On Twitter? You Could Win Something

0 IMG_1933

As of 8:30am this morning I am 75 people away from hitting the 6,000 follower mark. It is just a number, but for a girl simply trying to get more folks (women) on bikes – it is pretty cool that people have found a liking in the cause.

Recently Klout.com sent me a Klout Perk and I’m paying that forward.

The 6,000 follower on Twitter will be awarded this:

 Now go follow me already!

I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. http://klout.com/perks/disclosure

Recently Spotted: Fox Racing Women’s Reflex Gel Gloves

1 Fox Racing Women's Reflex Gel

There are a couple very important parts of your bike that you shouldn’t skimp on, these are your “touch points”. Saddle, shoes/pedals, and grips/handlebars/gloves.

Recently Quality Bike started stocking some women’s Fox Racing gloves with gel that I am looking to pick up. What’s unique is there is a short finger mountain bike version.

Fox Racing Women’s Reflex Gel Full Finger Glove $32.99

Fox Racing Women's Reflex Gel

Fox Racing Women's Reflex Gel  Fox Racing Women's Reflex Gel

Fox Racing Women’s Reflex Gel Short Finger Glove $29.99

Fox Racing Women's Reflex Gel

Almost every bike shop in America will be able to get this through my employer, QBP. 

Oh yes, I wasn’t paid or bribed, and I may make money off of these if you buy them through your bike shop who buys them through my employer, and that shop is in the southeast. That’s my disclaimers. Thank you for listening.