We all know my obsession for lights and bags. I have so many of both as I’m always trying to find the perfect one. Rechargeable lights are something I really love. Especially the latest push for USB rechargeable. You see, before lights and bags I am a tech freak. iPad, iMac, MacBook Air, GoPro’s, Canon cameras, iPhones, you get the idea. I always have a computer with me, so charging a light through USB is really easy for me. Much easier than finding batteries at CVS.

Meet the Knog Blinder Arrow Light $44.99

Knog Blinder Light Review

I received a front light in the mail, and it has been on the front of my bikes since February. I’ve traveled with it to Frostbike, and utilize it anytime I’m on the road. I’ve had to charge it twice, it’s bright and easy to use. The mount works on all types of handlebar styles, widths and bends. The USB is easy to use, but you have to have the right room for it. It doesn’t fit in well right between two other USB’s due to the light size.

Knog Blinder Light Review
In Knog fashion they come in many colors & styles

Long term I plan to order a rear, as making a white front light bright seems to be easier than making a red rear light bright and eye catching.

Visit Knog’s website to view all styles!

This product was provided for free for review. I was not bribed or paid for this review. 


  1. I couldn’t get this light to fit in the USB port on the back of my Mac without unplugging everything else and a lot of cursing.
    It doesn’t fit in the keyboard USB ports either. Did KNOG only design this for laptops. If so, why the heck don’t they say so.
    Anyway after finally plugging it in It wouldn’t charge. Not even a charging light. dead. Useless.
    Couldn’t even use this on my bike once.
    Wasted my money.
    Avoiding anything with KNOG on it from now on.

    • hey steve – i use it on the end of my iMac ports. I could see it taking two spots as it is very wide.

      Did you contact your shop? I know several folks that have this light and don’t have an issue?

      Let me know!

  2. Hi, thanks for responding to my comment.
    Well the good news is that I found a laptop in my office and by jamming a thick pen and pencil under the computer I was able to raise the laptop slightly off the desk surface and get it to plug in.. ( Can’t understand why you would design something where these acrobatics are necessary).and even better it is now charging!!!!! So it looks like I7ll be able to use it on my Surly after all. Great!I feel much better.
    However it is difficult to type with the laptop jacked up at an angle. It still seems weird that I can’t get it to work on my iMac It plugs in with difficulty but no charging lamp! but I’ll give it a second try later.

    I’ll try to find a USB extension so that I can try connecting it to my iMac’s keyboard where it also won’t fit at the moment.

    Fun and games! but at least it’s working!

    They really should re-design the plug in part!


  3. and final post! The USB extension port did the trick. It’s now charging from my Mac.
    You’ve got my business back KNOG!

  4. Hi
    I bought 2 blinder lights, but I can not turn them on.
    The red and green spy lights when I plug the USB into my pc/mac, but what should I do to turn the light on?

    I tried to hold down the button for 2 seconds … nothing
    I tried 3 secs, 4 secs, 5 secs ….. always nothing
    I tried pushing softly, hardly … nothing to do.

    2 broken lights ? Bought in 2 different shop ? I don’t believe it.

    Maybe I do something wrong.

    Perhaps there is some protection to remove the first use?

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