This next week is going to be epic for me and I wanted to give you guys a quick look into what Adventure by Bike can look for the everyday, crammed life, person.

Foundry Cycles launch parties, Outspokin Bicycles Woodstock, GA – Monday Feb 27th. Bicycle Sport Charlotte, NC – Thursday March 1st. Liberty Bicycles Asheville, NC – Friday March 2nd. (more to come).

Friday & Saturday – Southern X in Georgia sponsorship.

Sunday Southeast Bike Expo 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – Shop visits with Lazer Sport extraodinare Rebecca Karbon all over the Atlanta Georgia area.

To make this next week even more epic there is road trips in the Jetta, and of course mountain biking will be required to keep me sane.

Let me give you a glimpse in to my day

Atlanta Driving

10am leave my humble abode. Kiss my significant other good bye for a week, drive 3.5 hours to middle of no-where Georgia to drop off helmet samples.

Salsa Cycles Spearfish

1:38pm after successfully dropping off helmets in the middle of a gas station parking lot, pull out the laptop, charge on the Sprint mobile hotspot device and quickly find a mountain bike trail 20 mins away, the proper direction to where I am headed for the night!

Twin Six Kit

2:15pm kitted up in spandex I hit the trail. Quickly winded since I haven’t been on the bike too often recently. I am left smiling and thanking people kindly as they pass me. Twice I passed some lads. It felt good, and then I wanted to hurl due to the effort of “chicking them”.

Salsa Spearfish

Salsa Spearfish

Salsa Spearfish

5:15pm Strap my bike to my roof, and add my soaking wet shoes in hopes they will air out. That’s what you get for skipping around a creek in hopes to get a good photo!

5:45pm I am holed up in a Starbucks in Dahlonega GA. Free internet and good green tea!

What was your adventure by bike today?


  1. My adventure starts next week! I followed your suggestion and talked to Jeff at Luna Cycles in Lenoir ….. pick up my Niner on Tuesday! =)

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