Get a Bike for Free – Ride Your Bike – Report About It

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Foundry Cycles

One of the brands I represent is having an ambassador hunt. I would love if half of the ambassadors were women…

Foundry Cycles is looking for five brand ambassadors, Foundry Tradesmen and women, to ride our bikes and document their experiences. If you’re chosen, you’ll be given a Foundry bike. In return, you’ll spend the year talking to people about your Foundry. Go on rides, take it to races, local events, coffee shops, the grocery store, your local bike shop—everywhere you’d normally take your bike. Answer questions about it. Tell people what you think of it. Let them take it for a spin. Throw on a helmet cam and send us video of your adventures. Write up your experiences. You’ll have to earn your keep, but if you work as hard as you play, then you’re right for Foundry.

9 Comments on “Get a Bike for Free – Ride Your Bike – Report About It”

  1. I would like to apply to beceome a Foundry cycle brand ambassador. I dont race bikes but I do lead bike tours. I would be able to talk to hundreds of people a year about the bike and my experiences on it. Through the spring, summer and Autumn I lead tours through UK and the rest of Europe. When Im not leading the tours Im finding new routes. The Foundry bike will be well used and well promoted.

  2. I try to ride my bike everyday to work. It’s a mile and a half away and I think its a waste of gas to drive my car. Except when it rains 🙂
    I ride a Bianchi that Ive had since January. I like it so far.
    I think car drivers don’t pay enough attention, that ignorant/arrogant cyclists are a problem, and how wearing a helmet is SO important

  3. Well if any of your bike manufacturers start looking at the discovered mountain biking at 50 years old turning it into a family thing female demographic, let me know…..thinking that might be a somewhat small demographic group, tho 😉

    1. Ditto … there’s actually quite a few of us 50+ women around Charlotte mountain biking …

  4. …and up in NH. I’m a 50+ re-entry to the sport. Rode/raced late 80’s and 90’s. Life then went on with less and less riding. Now I’m back in the saddle again!

  5. I would love to participate in this as well! I am new to riding and have decided to compete in the Augusta Ironman this year. Just let me know what I need to do to sign up!

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