Blurring the Lines

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One part cycling geek, one part tech geek, and one part marketing geek rounds up into me. As I walk the line of the gray I realize that everything I am is who I am. Working back in the industry as I do, makes it easier to blur this line.

You’ll be seeing a lot of changes

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, a ton of things grinding in my mind and a lot of plans being jotted on the iPad. An easier way to update on the road, a focus point to Bike Shop Girl that is bigger than one person.

As I walk in to a huge expo later this week I look at all of my readers, mostly of the female gender, become apart of this site. Guest articles, photos, videos and em:pwr is what 2012 is about for Bike Shop Girl.


Who’s in?

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  1. Donna
    15 Mar ’12 at 3:15 pm — Reply

    So happy to see you back 100%! I’ll be along for the ride, figuratively!

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