On the Road Balances

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As I am figuring out the balance of being an outside rep in the large territory of the Southeast, doing a shop I am absolutely in love with and trying to get back on my bike I am left with the daily struggle of finding a balance.

Anytime a new swing of events or change happens you often rise to the occasion of finding the best ways to do things. Learning new habits, breaking old ones and finding your place in life – that is what life is about right?

Finding Bike Rides and Making Money

I’m a rep now. A traveling, selling, building, growing, creating relationship, rep. My territory is NC, SC, GA, TN and AL. It means a lot of time on the road behind a steering wheel, a lot of time learning about different bicycle cultures in so many different cities and helping a great amount of bike shops get more people on bikes. The more people I can see, the more places I go, the more opportunities I have.

What I am balancing now is the right bikes to take, the right time to ride, getting shops to show me the area and witnessing their cycling culture first hand. Every day is different, every town is a new challenge and I’m embracing it but I haven’t been on the bike nearly as much as I would like. (That’s true for most!)

What is Your Story?

Do you have 5 kids and go riding at 5am? Are you an investment banker that travels all over the world and has a folder bike they utilize during the week? Tell me your story and how you find time to get on your two wheel friend.

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  1. trevor
    25 Jan ’12 at 10:59 am — Reply

    You are also a really great photographer. Love your pics. Have you been to the Light Factory?

  2. Scott McIntyre
    25 Jan ’12 at 12:15 pm — Reply

    Well I’m lucky… my employer has allowed me to start my day at one of our facilities that has lockers and showers so I know bike commute. I’ve logged ~ 800 miles since October. Our state also has a program that pays me to do this! I’ve continued to re-fall-in-love with biking now over the past couple of years. At one point there were 8 bikes hanging in our garage! I’ve taken some trips with two of my three kids that we will always be able to talk about. I can’t boast that it’s my full blown “lifestyle” but I’m happy and working for more each time I ride. And making those two hills in my route easier, a thumbs up from someone in their car, amazing people that yes I bike to work and yes I did it in the rain and yes, I did it last week when it was 20 degrees. And yes I’m smiling right now. Thanks for YOUR encouragement.

  3. RedLine MonoCog 26"
    3 Feb ’12 at 11:41 pm — Reply

    You might want to get an iPad so you can show pictures of the bikes you don’t have with you at the time.

    Combining your job and picture taking being a rep it is easy to have you iPad get broken or stolen. You actually riding in those states will get you time on the bike and get to know the bike culture. How many bikes do you have room to take? Don’t be hesitant to ride at night. It is warmer in those places.

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