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Niner EMD Super Small 29er

Small Women's 29er Niner Frame

Niner EMD Super Small 29er

As shown originally over at this is well worth the repost! 

29er with 27-27.2″ of stand over. It doesn’t sound amazing, but it’s more than an inch lower than the small.

I am super interested to see one of these up close and personal, hopefully our local Niner guy will get it on his demo truck. My fears are the handling and front end stack height for those that are on the smaller end of the spectrum on this bike. Yes 29er wheels roll better but never sacrafice handling or fit! I’ve seen super small 29ers like this, but with custom rigid front forks (and only designed around 80mm.)

Small Women's 29er Niner Frame

  • Carla
    Posted at 15:19h, 27 January Reply

    Hey, thanks for posting this – it is a bit of a passion project for me. I think your concerns about front end height are quite valid and we spend a lot of time talking about this at Niner.

    We do ride test everything, including new sizes – our crew of small riders made sure it rode well and that folks in the right size range could get it set up properly.

    – We see a lot of people trying to set up their 29ers with the same stem length and bar width as they do their 26″ bikes. But, for optimal performance, we suggest going with a shorter stem and wider bar on your 29er. This helps the rider take advantage of that “on-the-rails” feel that 29 provides. Long travel folks have been doing this for a long time with their tall front-ends and it carries over to 29, even in XC. Kind of a similar story to disc brakes – at first, everyone thought it was a DH only thing but eventually it carried over.

    – The smallest riders are going to need a negative rise stem for optimal saddle to bar relationships. Cannondale has been doing this for a long time, because of the extra height of their Headshok system.

    – you can reduce height with a flat bar, too. We also make a flat bar with a -5mm drop.

    – saddle to bar relationships are changing, even in XC. As a road racer, I understand the desire for an extreme drop, but the majority of riders are riding in much more relaxed positions even for racing. What was considered efficient before is less common as we also address the advantages of longer travel.

    In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and test rides, as you said in your post. I am hoping to get a lot of small riders out on the XS during our demo tour this season!

    Happy to answer any questions,

    Niner Bikes

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