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Bike Shop Girl in 2012

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What a whirl wind the past couple months have been. First a new position within an amazing company in the bike industry. Leaving my old company. A good amount of traveling via airplanes in December 2011 and started to hit the road hard in 2012. I’m really looking forward to traveling the southeast in this new position and hopefully really creating smarter, and stronger bike shops within the southeast. This can only mean more folks on bikes, which is always my ultimate goal.

I’ve been building demo bikes, finding time to ride and testing product for reviews. All of this should really start hitting next week, with timing out post, filling in the schedule and pulling in part time guest writers you should see more diverse writing on this site in 2012.

You’ll see more riding, more event coverage and more of everything. I’ll be on the road a ton, which means a lot of time to think, ride new trails and roads, meet new people and try to hit the bike industry with storm.

I have goals for 2012 but those still need to be smoothed out before I release them to the wild, for now know you all – my readers – are a specific high line goal of mine.

What are your goals on and off the bike? Tell me more….


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