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Tech Tuesday: 2011 Interbike Tech Recap

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Recapping more of the 2011 Interbike through internet stalking and tons of Googling. Here is more thanks to Bike Rumor, MTBR and the fine folks at Problem Solver for sponsoring Tech Tuesday.

Tech Tuesday

10 Speed Grip Shift from SRAM

Grip shifters rejoice, you can now move to the awesome 2×10 technology.via Bike Rumor

10 Speed Grip Shift

The best three way tool ever

4,5 and a Torx. A mountain bike mechanics dream via MTBR

Fox Shock Pump for digital geeks

Do you have a need for being riding the most high tech, or know your suspension by the half psi? via MTBR

Motivational Monday with Starr Walker

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Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

What’s your name and location?

Starr Walker – Boston via RVA

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

From commuting to 4+ hour road rides, from flowy singletrack on my MTB to racing Cyclocross, you name it I shred it

What is your first cycling memory?

When I was in the 3rd grade my mother told my brother and I to get something from the garage on Christmas day. It turns out Santa could not fit our MTB’s down the chimney so he had left them there for us. We froze our little butts off riding them all day. My favorite thing was beating the boys all the way down to the bottom of our cul-de-sac.

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

Seeing other ladies out there shredding it with smiles on their faces inspire me. Almost 100 CAT 3/4 women toeing the line at the start of the 2010 Great Brewers Grand Prix of Gloucester motivates me.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

On the bike I have little “best” moments every time I clear a section of trail that I couldn’t ride before. I have a “best” moment when someone says “lookin’ strong.” But overall I think my best moments are when participants of the women’s specific cycling clinics that I organize and assist at tell me, “thank you” or tell me how much more confident they are on their bikes now after our cycling clinics.

Tell us all about your bikes

Road bike: 2011 Colnago CLX 2.0 with SRAM Force
Cyclocross bike: 2011 Bianchi Zurigo with Force/Rival mix
Full Suspension MTB: 2011 Trek Fuel EX 8
Hard Tail MTB: I frankensteined together with parts from our basement.
Around town bike: Surly 1×1 w/ 26″ Large Marge rims and MAXXIS hookworm tires laced to CK hubs…

Favorite Photo’s from Interbike: Speedgoat Bicycles

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This past week was Interbike, a week that all people in the bike industry gather in the sands of Las Vegas. You see new product, are wowed, swooned and left wanting to spend more money in the industry. Originally Interbike started when people really did see all new lines, book next years products, had job interviews, etc. These days, you do all those things but to a different level thanks to the internet. I’ve been to Interbike several many, many, times. It is fun, it is a good time but as a journalist and in the media you are working 24/7 and this year with too many things on my plate for my real job I couldn’t swing all of that time away.

For that I am going to live for a few days through people that were there and documented in great photos their travels. First up is Speedgoat Bicycles. A wonderful shop with a wonderful online presence. I believe they started out originally in PA, I remember they were one of the first shops utilizing the web to show off custom bikes and really do custom builds online. Now you can find them in IL and online.

My favorite Interbike photos from Speedgoat Bicycles

Start off with a great shot of the finish line for the CrossVegas Women’s cyclocross race.

Next up of course is coffee

Coffee from our wonderful friends at Kinetic Koffee

Sexy Kestrel Paint

Shimano XTR teamed with Shimano Pro components

Hope Brakes Disc Brake Cyclocross modulator thingy

Speaking of sexy cyclocross bikes..meet Ritte

Giro is making things match across their lines

For Sale: 54cm Surly Long Haul Trucker w/ Wheels, Cranks, Tires

0 Surly Long Haul Trucker for Sale

Updated: SOLD (Very quickly to a nice man on eBay)


You are looking at a very lightly demo’d touring frameset from the fine folks at Surly. I purchased the 54cm x 26″ framesize when I was having back issues, needless to say I needed the next size up!

Make my loss your gain and get this a new home as it deserves. The bike is craving to be commuted, toured and loved on long rides with a new owner. Sitting in my garage with less than 50 miles on it, does not make a Surly Bike very happy.

Visit the eBay listing, pass it along to your friends and help me clean out my garage to make room for new things!

NC Cyclocross Clinic Recap

1 NC Cyclocross

This past Sunday I dragged myself out of bed at o’dark 30 to prep myself and brain for my first cyclocross “clinic”. At around 7 o’clock teammate and all around awesome guy, George Berger, picked me up in his little Prius and we were off into the sunrise. The goal was to get to mountains of Boone North Carolina and the Pirate Race Products Cyclocross Clinics.

NC Cyclocross

Walking into a cyclocross clinic I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have participated in cyclocross practices, and various other road/mtb clinics before but never dedicated for cyclocross.

Here are the things I did know:

The clinic was segregated for women and men. There ended up being roughly 12 women that showed up which seemed to be a decent group for learning and trying new things with two instructors.

It would be a long day. The clinic was scheduled from 10 to 4, and I knew from cyclocross practices that I would be completely worn out doing these quick burst of anaerobic effort.

NC Cyclocross

There would be good food. Burrito’s from Black Cat in Boone, if you haven’t been there – go visit soon.

I had no goals. There were things I want to improve on in cyclocross this year, but a specific skill other than not hurting myself, I didn’t have one dead set in mind. Oh wait, that is a lie.I want to be able to do the “flying squirrel” remount by the end of the season. You know that one were you “hop” off the ground and gracefully slide over your saddle like a cowboy on a bareback horse? Yes that is what I want to be able to do.

Drills and practice makes perfect

For 6 hours I was taken back to high school. All the drills and random technique forming (brain numbing) things you would do, and hate, wanting to just PLAY the game you were practicing for. You didn’t want to practice sprints, side to side, crazy legs, etc.

Quickly these feelings went away and I was left really enjoying myself and fellow company. I hope to have video’s of all the things below later this week. Video editing is just not in the time early this week.

Crazy 8′s -  You basically take two objects, maybe 20-50 feet apart, with a partner you circle the objects/cones/trees/phone poles in a crazy 8 fashion. Learning how to take the corners properly at speed, while at the same time making sure your partner doesn’t catch or pass you (especially in the corners.)

Hill Climbs – This is the one I avoid, I did it twice and stopped. Find a hill and run up it with your bike. At the top either walk down or hop on your bike to ride back down. We started off slowly, simply picking up our bike and walking up the hill to learn where to place the bike on our shoulders and how to use our free arm to propel ourselves up. After a few times in slow, we then would ride into the hill, dismount and “scurry” up the hill.

Dismounts – A great thing for someone getting used to hopping off the CX bikes, especially with clipless pedals. With some momentum unclip your right foot and swing it over the saddle to be behind your left foot. Simply glide in that position. Once you feel comfortable doing this, repeat but this time swing your right leg back over to and clip back in. Next step is to complete the dismount. There were two schools of thought for this, sliding your right leg between your left leg and bike, or swinging your right leg behind your left and allowing the momentum to unclick you. I don’t feel comfortable the first way, and I’m much faster with the second.

Mounting – At a walking pace work on hip rotation and in motion of your walking stride take your right leg and slide it over the saddle so you “catch” yourself on your inner thigh right below your groin. Work on getting faster and “pushing off” your left leg so you get more speed into the sliding onto the saddle. (This is the one I need to work more on.)

Starts- Try out different gearing for your start, where should you be on your seat, do you do better with your hands on the shifters or in the drops, learn your limits so that you can push them but also land in the top positions in the start of the race. It is always better to allow people to pass you than to pick off people through out the race.

Other things gained at the NC CX clinic

NC Cyclocross

The drills were awesome. Having 12 women to talk about womens CX and learn their ways of doing things, was awesome. Having “hot laps” at the end, was awesome. More than anything I believe the best part was meeting 12 semi-local women that will be on the courses beside me. Having people to talk with, making new friends and hopefully helping grow the sport.

Kuat Rack Review

Testing out George’s new Kuat rack was also very informative, if only they came out for a hitch for my new car!

I feel more motivated and able for the season. All I need to work on is my motor and I have over a month to work on that one. Here’s to NC Cyclocross! You can find all the photos over yonder.

Pre-Race Preparation, Rituals and Stupidity

0 Race Day Rituals

What are your race day rituals? I find that rituals are so different between the niches of cycling. You can easily identify someones personality by how they prepare for a race. Is your gear in a box all organized? Are your bottles prepared the night before and put in the fridge with your gels already under the cap? Do you warm up on a trainer, or in your jeans on the road?

Mud and Cowbells put together a great Powerpoint deck of pre-race rituals for cyclocross. Click through but please share your setup and rituals in the comments below!

Pre-race Rituals for Cyclocross

Motivational Monday with Jessica Moore

1 Motivational Monday Jessica Moore

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

What’s your name and location?

Jessica Moore, Uh, Nomad USA? (MI via OR via NC, etc)

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

The kind with other people and you have fun. Technically speaking, road & mtn are what I’m familiar with, would love to try cx. Oh, commuting & touring too. (is that everything?)

What is your first cycling memory?

Well, I remember riding bikes with my older sister one summer. We lived on Pleasant St so I’m guessing I was younger than 7 when she challenged me to a race around the block. Wondering if she was on my tail or not I turned around to get a visual—and ended up crashing into a parked car. Next ‘cycling’ memory is from jr. High…

Motivational Monday Jessica Moore

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

Mostly, my future self. There are days I don’t want to ride, or eat my spinach, or even do basic maintenance things, but all that does is keep me where I’m at. I desire to continue pursuing my best self, and that means making those small choices to keep in that direction, like riding to the store today. I want to be that girl that races and has a ton of fun, that lady that rides her bike to work even if it’s raining, all the while smiling. I want up be the old lady that arrives at the market with her bike to pick up the week’s groceries. I’m not there yet, but in thinking of that future self, I am motivated to make the small decisions. “Am I gonna ride today? Eh, well, the cool old lady you wanna be would.”

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

I was somewhere in Oregon, bike fully-loaded for a cross country tour (heavy!) and climbing the longest hill I’d yet seen. Earlier that week I’d experienced a huge let down that completely shattered my plans for the next 2.5 months and I was emotionally & physically depleted. And alone. Barely managing to turn the cranks, I kept a steady pace of 5 mph, next to racing RVs and other cars, trying my best to not give up and just cry by the side of the road. But then a song would pop into my head from days spent in youth group, and I’d remember those bike trips, how hard they were at times. But also the source of the best memories of my life. You never really remember the pain, how it felt–just that it was present. So I knew that what I was currently experiencing would dissolve, that if I just kept turning the cranks however slowly, I would eventually reach the summit, and soon enough I’d be coasting down the other side, stronger, and with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

Tell us all about your bikes

My all-purpose, good-for-everything bike is my black beauty, my Surly Cross-Check. A labor of love through many hands and a few states. Then there’s the bike that receives the most beatings: my GT peace 9r (a SS 29er, of course). I’m currently jobless so that helps control the stable from being overpopulated.