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Review: Burley D’Lite Child Trailer

4 Burley D'Lite Child Trailer

I’ll keep you from reading my rant of why I feel that child bike seats are unsafe and can lead to danger for the child and adult. That will be saved for another day.

Earlier in the summer Burley sent out a D’Lite Child Trailer for review purposes. Walking into the review I knew from my experience in the past with Burley, their trailers and the quality they take around design and development – I would be pleased with the results of their D’Lite trailer. As my children are grown to 10 and 11 years old, I borrowed and stole children of all sizes for the review and testing. At the bottom of this is a ton of photos to hopefully document all the details that the D’Lite has to offer.

Burley D'Lite Child Trailer

My Burley Trailer History

My first experience with Burley outside of selling them was back in 2005. The shop I was managing outside of Boston had a few rental Burley trailers to use on the local rail to trail. During the early spring before our rental period picked up I adopted a puppy. I used a kids trailer with a couple blankets and a short leash to transport my new puppy to the shop and back. She loved it, I loved it and it was perfect. Since then Burley has actually released the Tail Wagon which is a trailer designed for your dog!

My next experience with Burley was as a bike line. My small shop in Charlotte, NC stocked and sold their road line. Beautiful steel bikes, a dying breed. Since then Burley has restructured and really going after the trailer and pull behind niche.

My latest experience was with the Burley Travoy. An urban trailer I reviewed over at Commute By Bike. The review is also reposted on Bike Shop Girl with more photos.

Details of the Burley D’Lite Child Trailer

Burley D'Lite Child Trailer

Rear Window Unzipped

Details pulled right from Burley.com

  • Available in Green or Orange
  • Replacement covers available in Yellow, Blue or Red
  • Bowed-out sides for increased interior width/shoulder room
  • Elastomer suspension system
  • Exclusive height-adjustable handlebar that doubles as roll bar
  • All weather cover with waterproof zippers
  • Deluxe reclining padded seats
  • Five-point harness and padded shoulder harness
  • Removable, washable seat pad and shoulder harness
  • Tinted side windows
  • Adjustable sunshade
  • Parking brake

D’Lite Specifications

Number of children 2
Capacity 100.0 lb/ 45.4 kg
Weight 28.0 lb/ 12.7 kg
Interior height 25.2 in/ 64.0 cm
Interior width 26.4 in/ 67.1 cm
Interior seat width 20.0 in/ 50.8 cm
Cargo space 35.0 liters
Wheel size 20.0 in/ 50.8 cm

Burley D'Lite Child Trailer

Key Features

The things I found unique and completely Burley:

  • Tinted side windows
  • Rear window that zips down for airflow and the child can see around
  • Drink and snack holders on both sides the seats
  • Reflective piping and logos all around the shell
  • Easy to use
  • Push button wheels
  • Standard 20″ wheels, not the plastic kind
  • Did I mention easy to use?
  • Adaptable to all types of bikes

My Overall Feelings

The D’Lite delivered as I expected it to. The trailer isn’t the cheapest out there, but if you purchase an accessory kit this could become your do all stroller, running jogger and kid hauler. The ability to completely flatten, pull the wheels off and stow it in the back of your vehicle is irreplaceable for the family on the go. Why not have one killer trailer/stroller/hauler instead of 3 that do 3 different things?

In the end I do believe that trailers are safer, allow you to bring two kids, clothing, and they are tucked behind UV windows, rain fly’s mesh, and a roll bar. 5 point harness system will keep every kid in place. Extra room allows you to put snacks and toys in with them, without the ability of them throwing it overboard.

I hope to explore how parents can get their children interested in riding in the trailer, how to do it safely and tips/ideas of how to get out with your family. In the end it is completely how the parent handles taking the their child, how they encourage healthy living and being outside.


Disclaimer: This product was provided at no charge. I was not paid or bribed for the review and was completely as judgmental as I am with everything else in my life.

Motivational Monday with Colleen Schaible

0 Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

What’s your name and location?

Colleen Schaible, Farmington NY

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Road cycling

What is your first cycling memory?

My first pink Barbie bike and the day my dad took the training wheels off…I was wearing a pink windbreaker and it was fall and there were beautiful leaves on the gound! He took the training wheels off and away I went! I didn’t look back until I hit college and then upon turning 30 I was reaquainted with a bike and a new type of riding, now I will never look back!

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

My husband inspires me to ride and inspires me to be my best! He was the person to re-introduce me to the joy that is riding a bike and then showed me the courage to take my riding to the next level.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

I think my best moment was a local ride called the Tour de Thompson here in Brisotl, NY when I first met a group of local riders from a team I am now a member of…the ride was 63 miles and about 6000 feet of climbing over some tough grades! I put the boys in the hurt locker that day :) it was a great feeling that I try to tap in to time and time again on the road!

Tell us all about your bikes

My favorite bike is my Specialized S Works Ruby road bike with amazing Zipp 303 wheels! It is black and white with a bit of red! My new toy is a Specialized Transition time trial bike that I hope to shred some time trial fields with next year. It is red and white with a bit of blk! I also have a Specialized Tri Cross that I bought to ride in the winter weather here in UNY. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Specialized!!!

Properly Preparing for the Offseason

0 Offseason Fall

As we head into Thanksgiving most folks that have the cyclist mentality start thinking about the next season. Even those that are deep in the trenches of cyclocross racing are thinking about what they need to be doing for the next season. As the next 6 months of my life are going to be rather haphazard I want to lay out broad strokes of goals and targets for 2012.

My Offseason Arsenal

Goals for 2012 – As basic as it sounds. No matter if it is race dates, milage hopes, or milestones you want to meet. It is helpful to layout something.

  • My butt on a bike at least 3 times a week. I know this is my sweet spot for fitness. No matter if it is 30 minutes on the trainer, an hour spin, or a few hour mountain bike ride.
  • Eating responsibly on the road. This may include learning to bring more food with me, where to shop, and trying not to eat out too much while traveling.
  • Trim down more. I feel comfortable about my current weight, but want to lose more body fat and gain leaner muscles! (Hello Jillian Michaels abs.)
  • Three main events – #1 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, #2 – Burn 24 Hour, #3 2012 Cyclocross season
Bikes Ready at All Times – This is something I hope to finish up this weekend, but I want my cross bike and main geared mountain bike to be ready to ride at all times.
Winter Riding Clothes Organized – At least twice a month I run around my house looking for my other knee warmer. Another goal for this weekend is to make sure all my winter clothing is where it belongs, organized and ready to go. When it gets dirty, I wash it and put it quickly back where it belongs.
My Trusty Trainer – An item in for review this fall is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. This bright green trainer should see some use this offseason, especially on those days I’m cramped for time and need to get 30 minutes on the bike.
Motivation – This part of the offseason is the hardest and can come in many different forms. Some examples of motivation :
  • My family. I am fortunately to be surrounded by an active significant other, and very active children. Watching them push themselves and try a bit harder, practice a bit longer or be super pumped around an extra point motivates me.
  • Music. The off season is when I perfect my playlist, learn new artist and help the music industry make more money.
  • People. Reading blogs, drugging myself on amazing photos and watching helmet cam footage for trails I dream to ride. Some great folks to follow : Jeff Kerkove, Salsa Cycles, Gnat Likes, Milltown Cycles, SheBicycles, Soozed, DJ Scene (Great podcast music),  Saddle Up Bike…the list keeps going. Maybe this deserves it’s own post!
Riding with Others – Whenever possible I plan to hit up group rides and drag my family kicking and screaming into the cold.

What are You Doing This Offseason?

Rainy Day Thoughts

0 Boxes

Let me begin today’s writing with an apology. My brain seems to be in a fuzz the past few days. You see I’m on a bit of autopilot which I tend to avoid in life. Currently juggling one and a half jobs, trying to tie up all loose ends with my marketing agency while trying to get setup and prepared for the life of a traveling rep.

Currently there are several hot items under my pedals for review. A couple bikes, some clothing, some food, some kids goodies and I’m sure I’m forgetting something in there. I have several bike rides scheduled for the weekend and even more bike organizing and building as you can tell from the photo above.

Sorry for the fuzzy update. I’m in here somewhere, just buried under boxes and thoughts of the plans I need to lay out.

Full Review: 2012 Raleigh RX 1.0 Women’s Cyclocross Bike

23 2012 Raleigh RX1 Cyclocross Bike

For the past month I have been cruising around on the 2012 Raleigh RX 1.0 Women’s cyclocross bike. A good amount of people emailed and tweeted about the bike, so there must be an interest in women’s cyclocross! You can read the preview over yonder.

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North Meck CX #2 Race Report

0 Aspercreme

This past week was my first real cyclocross race of the season. There I said it. With all of the last minute traveling, work and now working on landing a new job I simply have not put as much effort as I thought I would in to cyclocross this fall.

The race was at North Meck Park in Huntersville, NC. What is super unique about this race series (other than it is on Tuesdays) is that it is at night, the first race starting at 6pm. The way it works is the course wraps around 4 different baseball and softball fields, utilizing the lights of the fields to light up the area outside of the fence. Up and down the hills, between the fields, some run ups, some barriers and always good fun but never on the ball fields!

I lined up this week with the boys. There were no girls to play with. Very sad since I know several women that would rack the season but they never show up to ride around in circles with me for 30 minutes.

While I pushed myself harder than I thought I could, I made some ride ups I didn’t think I would make and in the end I beat a few guys, barely being passed by two younger guys right before the finish.

Success is what I call it. If I race a couple more of these before the holidays, I’ll be very happy! Aspercreme was very needed after the ride…

Motivational Monday with Lori Cooke

1 Motivational Monday Lori Cooke

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

What’s your name and location?

Lori Cooke, Pembroke, MA

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

All of it!! Especially cyclocross

What is your first cycling memory?

Back in college; using my bike as transportation.

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

I inspire myself. Riding is my escape. I can go anywhere and always away from the stresses of daily life. It doesn’t ever matter what the weather is… My bike is my outlet to peace and happiness.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

It had to be day 2 of the downeast CX festival. Going in as the series leader, in the jersey. Needed to only beat the former world champ to keep my jersey. Front row start position, whistle blows, I get pushed into the fence. I’m tangled in my bike, on the ground as 50+ cyclists pedal over and around me. I’m stuck, no where to go except hope and pray I can actually get up when the herd passes. They are gone in what seemed like an eternity. I get up, take a deep breath, look at my bike which seems ok, mount and start to pedal. Damn, the chain is off and on the inside. Icant pedal it back on. Off the bike I manually replace it. “do you need medical?” asks the official. “No!” I start riding, tail between my kegs. God knows how big the gap is. “Ride the bike!” I tell myself. I hear cheers and the announcer detailing my trouble. The fire in my belly grows. One racer at a time.. I can do this. Start picking them off. I catch up to the pack. 40 minutes is plenty of time. There was more running in this bike race than riding it seemed. With each lap, I gained on the leaders, finishing 7th overall. Meant more to ne than that damn jersey which I sm now 8 points away from regaining. And I WILL!!

Tell us all about your bikes

My felt blue bomb road bike. Old stand by.
Specialized transition TT bike for triathlons and TT’s
Specualized Crux Pro CX BIKE
Specialized Amira Expert road bike
Antique rigid specialized rockhopper mountain bike