Windburned Legs

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Windburned Cycling Legs

Today was foretasted as a beautiful days, at its peak it was meant to hit 55º and be the gorgeous Carolina Blue skies that I love dearly!  When I left my house this morning at 8am, it wasn’t close to … Read More

Charlotte Winter Short Track Finale

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Winter Short Track

This Sunday is the last day of racing for the 5 race short track series in Charlotte, NC.   This series is a local favorite due to the weather proof trail and great spectator friendly course.   The trail has everything from … Read More

Chrome Mini-Messenger : Preview

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Chrome Mini-Messenger Bag

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to have some great conversations with the marketing gal over at Chrome about their womens clothing line and their different models of bags.   The clothing line details will be another day but … Read More

Your True Cost of Driving a Car

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Cost of Driving

5 months ago I started driving on a daily basis, not commuting and having my head stuck in a tailpipe.  There are reasons, which we don’t need to deep dive, but as the winter comes to an end I look … Read More

Go Ride Your Bike Today

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Raleigh Clubman Fenders

A post over at Kent’s Bike Blog reminded me of a simple thing that all of the readers will probably agree to, bike rides are awesome.   You don’t have to go for an epic ride,  or get geared up in … Read More

Sponsor em:pwr cycling and Bike Shop Girl

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em:pwr cycling em:pwr yourself em:pwr others Below is our sponsorship letter we’ve been sending out.  The response has been overwhelming, and we are excited to get the feedback and interest!  If you think you, or your company would be interested … Read More