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Surly Troll Preview

Preview: Surly Troll. One Part MTB, One Part Utility

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While at the Surly Intergalactic Headquarters of QBP I was able to demo a few bikes for commuting purposes from my abode to the headquarters. While there was also a Civia I haven’t put up yet, there is a Surly Troll that also busted a friends hip on the black ice across the Minneapolis pavement.

The Troll was an interesting vehicle and rather fun to ride. Take the proven 1×1 platform, edit a few things, add a crap ton of braze on mounts for fenders, racks, and various other things. Add mounts for a killer Surly trailer, and have sliding drops like I’ve never had before. The Troll also has a bigger brother, the Ogre, which is the 29er based completely on the Karate Monkey. Once the Ogre is available in another color other than army green I plan on replacing my beloved Karate Monkey frameset with the new Ogre. It won’t be breaking any weight barriers, well maybe with being heavy, but it is tough, stout and can take abuse from the best of them. Oh yeh, it’s steel – that’s a winner too!

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