Preview: 2011 Salsa Cycles Casseroll

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2011 Salsa Cycles Casseroll

Getting lost on a road with two full water bottles and the knowledge of a well packed bag sitting behind you is bliss. 

Details from Salsa Cycles

The Casseroll is our relaxed road bike, perfect for long road rides, credit card touring, and randonneuring events.

Intended Use: Randoneur, Commuting, Century Rides, Credit Card Touring
Key Specs: Steel frameset, Shimano Tiagra 9 Speed, Tektro cantilevers, Salsa Delgado Cross rims, painted to match Salsa front rack

Overview from my Eyes

To say the least, I was elated when the words came through this past September that Salsa would be sending an updated Salsa Casseroll for review.

For the past three years I’ve been commuting, morphing and loving my original Salsa Casseroll purchased as an all around steel bike. (Purchased with my hard earned cash, not given to review.) There were things I wish were different, like the strange semi-compact geometry which was fun to ride as a road bike but not as upright as I would like for long distance or commuting. Or that the long pull brakes didn’t allow me to run fat 38c tires with fenders.

As I have been beating around, commuting, tooling around Charlotte, taking along the back roads, finding hard packed gravel roads and learning what this bike yearns for – I am pleasantly surprised. Never did I think there would be so much change between the two bikes. The characteristics are still the same, but the handling, geometry and capabilities have grown. Personally, I added a rear rack to compliment and allow for panniers or a rear trunk bag. The front rack that comes stock is beautiful, but I’m still left wondering what type of bag to put on it. Normally I am left strapping a stuff sack with a bungee cord.

A full review has been posted on this bike over yonder.

2011 Salsa Cycles Casseroll

This bike was provided to me for no charge from Salsa Cycles. I’m reviewing this completely unbiased and my relationship with Salsa Cycles as a rep will not taint any views or opinions I have of the bike or how I share them with you. Swear.


6 Comments on “Preview: 2011 Salsa Cycles Casseroll”

  1. Just bought my Casseroll the other day. Got some fenders, a VO back rack, and some nice toe clips thrown on it. First ride was sweet! Fast, responsive, and smooth! Looking forward to your review. Think you will include a front bag on it? The Zimbale front rack bag looks nice.

  2. Once we get rid of the snow I will get out and take some pictures of it. Might be a week or so. We are getting hit in the Northwest with lots of winter all at once!

  3. I know this isn’t the most active posts, but it’s a top result if folks are looking for a review on the 2011 casseroll. So, I just wanted to air a few complaints regarding the bike:

    – If you put out any decent torque, you’ll want to replace the rear skewer with a shimano style one. It’s just too difficult to put enough pressure on the external cam skewers to keep the rear wheel in place under pressure with the horizontal drops.
    – The canti bosses need to be filed down a bit, front and back, to completely eliminate brake chatter. I had to do this, and another guy who works at the shop I got mine from and rides a Casseroll for his commuter had to. We also immediately replaced the Tektro Oryx brakes these are spec’d with. They are probably the worst canti’s I’ve ever used.
    -Putting a rear rack on the bike is fine, but any kind of load at all and this bike gets the wiggles. It’s a front load bike, and not meant for much on the rear. I just got groceries on it (two open baskey panniers) and it was a shaky. One change I made to compensate for this was to swap the SnS bars out for Cowbells so I could keep my arms wider and have more control.
    -The seattube isn’t quite as slack as a cross check. This isn’t an issue really unless you are the magic height and want to run a Brooks B-17 standard. I just couldn’t get it back far enough with a setback seatpost to be comfortable.

    All of that being said, I am still riding this bike after a year of ownership. I take it out on camping trips, commute daily, go on 50 mile rides in the surrounding area when I don’t feel like riding my pistola, etc. It’s a great bike, but there are some things that people should be aware of that are not instantly obvious.

  4. Fun to read about another Salsa Casseroll. I have one from 2007 (the first model in ugly beer color), and it’s awesome as a fixie or a racing bicycle with Campagnolo Veloce, it’s very flexible. I use 1982 long reach Campagnolo brakes, they’re still sweet. Didn’t have time to ride this year, and I was considering to sell this because I live in a small apartment, but I can’t!
    I have found serenity in that bike, it has almost everything I want, so how can I buy another frame when I have experienced this fine casseroll. 🙂

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