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It has been in the works for four months. Countless phone calls, questioning, heckling and hounding. This is the bike industry right?

Officially I am the new South East Outside Rep for Quality Bicycle Products (QBP)

Who is QBP? It is the company behind every bike shop in America. Those parts, tires, wheels in your local shop were probably ordered from QBP.

QBP is also the makers of the brands like :

Salsa Cycles

Salsa Cycles





Surly Bikes
Surly BikesAll City Cycles


All City Cycles
Civia Cycles

Civia Cycles


Foundry Cycles

Foundry Cycles

QBP is also the exclusive distributors of

Ridley Bikes

What does this mean for you?

Two major things will be happening.

The first is thanks to being back within the bike industry and utilizing this site as a tool in my arsenal you’ll be seeing more and more coverage, tips and well – simply put you’ll see more updates. Still focusing on empowering women in cycling and all things cycling.

The second is temporarily I’ll be limiting my bike reviews or run downs by the brands I cover. The longer term strategy by the spring is to bring on a couple more women that can be more unbiased on their reviews to cover the brands and product that I won’t be selling.

You’ll also see more growth in the Southeast with coverage and events. I always have done this since I live in North Carolina, but this will only expand.

I want to personally thank everyone that comes here and reads my rants

Each of you helped me get to where I am and this is an amazing, once in a life time, opportunity to work for such a company and not have to move to Minnesota!


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