Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

What’s your name and location?

Colleen Schaible, Farmington NY

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Road cycling

What is your first cycling memory?

My first pink Barbie bike and the day my dad took the training wheels off…I was wearing a pink windbreaker and it was fall and there were beautiful leaves on the gound! He took the training wheels off and away I went! I didn’t look back until I hit college and then upon turning 30 I was reaquainted with a bike and a new type of riding, now I will never look back!

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

My husband inspires me to ride and inspires me to be my best! He was the person to re-introduce me to the joy that is riding a bike and then showed me the courage to take my riding to the next level.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

I think my best moment was a local ride called the Tour de Thompson here in Brisotl, NY when I first met a group of local riders from a team I am now a member of…the ride was 63 miles and about 6000 feet of climbing over some tough grades! I put the boys in the hurt locker that day 🙂 it was a great feeling that I try to tap in to time and time again on the road!

Tell us all about your bikes

My favorite bike is my Specialized S Works Ruby road bike with amazing Zipp 303 wheels! It is black and white with a bit of red! My new toy is a Specialized Transition time trial bike that I hope to shred some time trial fields with next year. It is red and white with a bit of blk! I also have a Specialized Tri Cross that I bought to ride in the winter weather here in UNY. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Specialized!!!

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