Is it an Egg? No, It is a Aereonaut Saddlebag

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Aereonaut Saddlebag

Saddle bags are an interesting commodity. When you find one that doesn’t rattle around, that carries exactly what you need and doesn’t rub a hole in your shorts – you forget about it. Many companies have come out with unique ideas on how to carry your emergency tools on the bike. A great example is The Awesome Strap, which is a robust strap that can put your tube, levers and CO2 in various places but leaving your tube exposed to the elements with the chance of rubbing a hole in your rubber.

Another bag was released this morning to the masses through a press release. The concept is engaging, I’ve shot an email back to gain one for review. As everyone that rides a bike should have emergency tools/tube on hand.

aereonaut saddle bag

Albabici Aereonaut Saddlebag

As the original title says, Is it an Egg? NO! It’s an Aereonaut Saddlebag.

The plastic shell clips under the rails of your saddle. Your tube and various things are placed in the shell and a silicon skin pulls around the shell and your tube/levers/etc.

Looks to be easy to use, and I like the yellow but would prefer a red or pink! The question is how well does the mount work, how does it work when it is freezing cold and raining?

MSRP: $39.00



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