Review: Lizard Skins DSP 2.5 Bar Tape

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Lizard Skins DSP Handlebar Tape Review

Details from Lizard Skins:
2.5 mm thick for that extra bit of comfort. At 82” of lengththere is ample length for any bar & 50 grams per set
MSRP: $38

Initial Thoughts

When I first saw the Lizard Skins handlebar tape popping up in the local bike shops I was intrigued. Anytime a company comes out with a product that is twice the price of their competitors they are either idiots or they have some amazing technology worth the cost.

Second thing I saw was that the Lizard Skins company doing a great job with merchandising. They give shops that order a certain amount of minimum product a great eye catching point of purchase. It is a handlebar that allows a consumer to try out the tape, some even have pieces of all the colors and styles available, this is the seller. The tape is different and Lizard Skins knows this – allowing you to try it. It reminds me of the really nice tape you can buy for fancy tennis rackets. It is a bit tacky to touch and only becomes more tacky if it becomes wet. It really hits on the name of the company “Lizard Skins.

There are many colors to chose from, along with the thickness of tape. 2.5mm is the one I went with for better shock absorption, but there is also a 1.8mm for those that like to “feel their bars.” The color, pink of course!

Long Term Review of the Lizard Skins Handlebar Tape

While my review package of tape showed up in early summer, I wanted to put the tape through its paces. As the tape is almost $40 to wrap a handlebar I wanted to make sure it was worth the cost and continued to feel tacky, padded and pink.

Every time I get on my cyclocross bike with this handlebar tape installed, I am impressed. 600 miles on the handlebars, and the pink is still going strong. A bit dirty, but still pink and tacky.

Lizard Skins DPS Bar Tape Review

Overall Thoughts

Not everyone needs to spend this much to wrap their handlebars. If you have a problem with sweaty hands, slippery handlebar tape, maybe have to wear gloves for grip, or you wear through tape a couple times a season.

This tapes for you. 

I’ll leave you with this. While at my local cyclocross practice a friend and gear whore, George, saw my tape, felt my tape, asked me about my tape then quickly went out and bought his own tape (not in pink). We both realized quickly that it is durable and perfect for cyclocross.

Disclaimer: Lizards Skins provided this tape free for review, I wasn’t paid or bribed. 

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    14 Oct ’11 at 12:55 am — Reply

    Please you guys ..let’s be more private and respectful of our monthly cycle…no one needs to know about it. No more posting of Tampax…ssssssooooo tacki and vulgar!!

    • Leila
      15 Oct ’11 at 2:56 am

      Don’t be ridiculous Ana. There’s nothing vulgar about being open about periods or providing helpful information about them to other women. If you’re so childish and immature that you can’t handle seeing a picture of a box of tampons then perhaps you should get off the internet – there’s plenty of actual vulgar material out there that’s easily accessible and might offend you…

  2. George
    14 Oct ’11 at 9:35 am — Reply

    Gear whore, huh?!? Well, I guess that’s true to some degree. I like to experiment, tinker, try new things and see for myself if I like them (I’d be a horrible bike shop owner because–like I did in my first job working in an ice cream shop–I’d eat up all the profits. But when I find something I like, I stick with it. This Lizard Skins tape–the 2.5mm–really IS great. I’ve had two sets of it, in white and now in red, purchased at retail for right around $35. That’s a lot, but it lasts far longer than I thought it would, doesn’t get as dirty as a lot of the other bar tape I’ve used before; and–most important to me–it DOES give me both a good bit more comfort and stickiness on the CX bikes. I wear gloves in races, but often practice glove-free (why, I don’t know); it works just fine both ways. Frankly, if I raced gloveless, I can’t imagine using Deda or Specialized tape now…I’d be worried a bit about slipping off the bars in the heat of competition. But anyway–it’s great stuff, and I’m going to try the thinner version (I think it’s 1.5mm) on my road bike when I change it next time.

  3. 14 Oct ’11 at 9:47 am — Reply

    I totally agree with your review. I have over 1500 miles on mine and it’s still like the day I had it wrapped. I ride and race sans gloves and love it. Lizard Skins is worth the price. I have the black version and am looking to change to pink or orange.Awesome tape

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