Laurel Trail Review at Lake Norman State Park

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Lake Norman State Park MTB

When I am riding locally in Charlotte NC I have roughly 4 trails I visit, either due to distance from my house, work or time restraints. One of my favorite trails,that is also one of the closer ones to my house, recently had a trail addition that opened earlier this fall.

Lake Norman State Park which is about 25 minutes north of center city Charlotte is a great trail for all levels. 20 or so miles can now be found wrapping around the lake. Well maintained with a decent amount of length it will give you a reason to make the drive. The words I would use to describe the whole circuit of trails is flowing, moderate, and scenic. The Tarheel Trailblazers have done a great job building and keeping up with the trails, the State Park Rangers keep an eye on the trail, encourage use but also make sure it isn’t abused when the weather is foul.

The recently finished addition, the Laurel loop added 8 miles to the other two loops that have been staples at Lake Norman. The loop is a bit more technical, adding fun switchbacks, little kicker climbs, man built log rollers and will give you a work out no matter your experience. Those in shape will hit the trail harder, those looking to step up their game the trail is completely rideable, you may need to walk a couple hills but there is not shame in it!

The trail reminds me of a tamed Warrior Creek in Wilkesboro. Not as much elevation change, not as many berms, but fun. 20 miles of mountain biking, with 10 more planned will make this a destination spot. I’m lucky to live relatively close to the trail (10 minute drive)!


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  1. I have never ridden at Lake Norman before & I am hoping to do so soon. I found a map online displaying Itus, Hicks Creek Loop, Norwood Loop & Monbo Loop. Where is Laurel Loop located? I’m planning on mapping it myself once I get the GPS points.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout for Warrior Creek, Wilkesboro!! I need to come down and ride the trails down your way. Someone hooked me up with this really great bike a couple fo years ago and it needs a workout.

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