2012 Trek Lexa Women’s Road Bikes

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2012 Trek Bikes Lexa S

Looking for a review of the Trek Lexa? Check it out here.

The 2011 Trek Lexa bikes were an amazing hit for Trek Bikes corporation.

It’s one of the top selling women’s road bikes. Many women asked for Lexa by name at demos, and dealers also told us they had many women coming in asking about them. Women love the comfortable fit, race-inspired performance, and the fact that we have so many color and graphics options. It was fantastic to see so many of them at the many triathlons that we sponsored this year. – Trek Women Brand Manager

These bikes are also a very searched term that brings many new readers to Bike Shop Girl. We should have a couple of Trek Lexa’s in our hands soon for review. Make sure to check back if you are looking for more riding feedback!

2012 Trek Lexa Road Bike Line Up

2012 Trek Lexa SLX $1,379.99

2012 Trek Lexa SLX

The SLX is the top dog of Trek women’s aluminum road bikes. This frameset has shaped aluminum tubing to allow for stiffness where you need it, compliance where it benefits. Equals a lighter ride that is more comfortable to ride. The drivetrain is mostly Shimano 105 10-speed matched with Bontrager components.  Available from 47 – 58cm. Also available in a white and grey color.

2012 Trek Lexa SL $1,209.99

2012 Trek Lexa SL Road Bikes

The SL takes a step down on frameset to a more standard round tubing. Still a great frame design if you are riding <40 miles. Drivetrain is the new Shimano Tiagra 10-speed with Bontrager components. The bike is available in a compact double (two chainrings) and triple. I hope that you’ll find mostly the compact double at your local bike shop. Available from 47 – 56cm. Also available in a dark blue and white color. Note there is no 58cm in this model.

2012 Trek Lexa S $959.99

2012 Trek Bikes Lexa S

The same frameset as the SL with different parts. Taking a large step down to a Shimano 9-speed Sora drivetrain. This bike is a great starter, but if you really get riding you’ll start wearing out parts. Personally the plum color of this bike is my favorite of the Lexa lineup as I’ve never seen a women’s bike this color. Also available in a light carolina blue and white color. Note there is no 58cm in this model.

2012 Trek Lexa $729.99

2012 Trek Bikes Lexa Road Bike

The same frame as the SL and S but now with an aluminum fork. Drive train is 8 speed and I would recommend this for either someone looking to dabble in the sport, a teenager still growing or someone on a tight budget. If you think you’ll ride more than 2-3 times a month, take the upgrade to the Lexa S as the carbon fork and 9 speed parts will be better suited if you keep the bike for awhile. Also available in a white and mint color. Note there is no 58cm in this model.

 View the full line up and more details at TrekBikes.com

11 Comments on “2012 Trek Lexa Women’s Road Bikes”

  1. Is this a good bike for an out of shape person who hasn’t used a bike for ten years? but is looking to get exercise.

  2. Just bought a Lexa today. I’m a little out of shape, looking to get back into shape. We’ll see how this works out for me. I took it for a quick 6 mile ride when I got it home. All I can say I if you’re going to invest in a road bike, make sure you invest in a very well padded pair of riding pants/shorts because my hiney cheek bones started hurting real fast and that was with a $50 pair of padded shorts! 🙂

  3. I just ordered the 2013 Lexa SLX… I’d love to see a review of it here!! 🙂 Love the site btw. 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Hi there

    Any idea of the weight of the standard version (i.e. with stock pedals, wheelset etc) of the SL?


  5. How do you think the 2012 compares to the 2013. Is the newer model worth the $600 difference (I can get a new 2012 for $600 less)? It seems the main difference is the isospeed…do you think it’s worth paying for the newer model?

  6. Becky –

    If it’s model to model, the difference is very minimal. For $600 you can get better shoes/shorts and be riding more comfortably long term.

    Which model are you looking at?

  7. Hey! Great blog!

    One point of contention, when I read reviews, or when I visit a bike shop, it seems that most folks steer people toward more expensive bikes! Why? I feel like we are killing off many interested cyclist with the very subtle difference in components and failing to see or grasp the big picture. As someone stated in an earlier, and I am paraphrasing, buy the cheaper bike! By buying the cheaper bike, the purchaser is in a better position to acquire shoes, shorts, gloves, pedals, and a saddle that they can live with! Now I have many bicycles, a few years ago I changed jobs and was able to commute to work. I went to several local bike shops in search of a dedicated “commuter” bike. Without exception, not one shop had my bike in stock! I ride 1,000’s of miles a year and yet I felt treated as a second class citizen because I didn’t want a high-end bike! What a bunch of crap. Of course someone ordered my bike for me and I am still riding it today! It has entry level components and “only” an 8-speed cassette. With thousands of miles on it I only give it the routine adjustments that are necessary to keep her shifting and braking strong. The point is, my “cheap” components are still functioning great! I believe someones experience is going to be better if their bike fits, is affordable, and they can still purchase the kit they need to have a great cycling experience. Then, one day they can either upgrade, or sell their “old” bike and purchase a newer higher end model! The bike shop owner sells more bikes, and more kit, where the money really is. Cycling grows as more people realize what a great mode of transportation, exercise, sport, hobby, recreation, etc., etc. that it really is! Now I am an old guy and I have used everything from Campy to Suntour, it all works well for me. Sometimes I forget the shifting pattern from one ride to the next though!! So, get out and ride, and I really appreciate getting the girls on a bike. My wife and I have been riding the tandem for 13+ years and now she is becoming a cyclist in her own right! Your encouragement goes a long way in getting other women to come and appreciate this great cycling world. It is more than just a sport, but it is also a sport! I ride because I love to ride, to work, to the store, at work, for sport, and for fitness!! Any excuse to ride is time well spent!


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