The Romance of Bicycles

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This past week a friend and cyclist, Peter Wilborn of Bike Law, wrote a beautiful about the art of the group ride. I won’t do the article enough justice so please go read. 

The article stirred up many thoughts and feelings within me. Memories of early morning group rides with friends in the various cities I have inhabited over the years. Memories of the cold rides when I was still a young junior, do my best to hold on for dear life and feeling that hand on the small of my back aiding and pushing me up that one last hill. Many feelings I haven’t felt due to two things, the first being simple that I have been avoiding group rides and the 2nd that group rides have lost the team spirit and “the code.”

As I think about these feelings my mind wanders to all of the reasons I am drawn to a bike. I often am asking all of you “why do you ride” so that I can make that connection and push it on to others. This goes deeper than most think of, the reason we ride is often for the feelings we can’t explain.

Bicycles to me are romantic.

Bicycles are that stiff latte in a small coffee shop in Manayunk roughly 2 hours into a rainy ride with 3 friends on a Sunday morning in January.

Bicycles are that warm hand that you find in the dark when you wake at 3am to make sure your loved one is close by.

Bicycles are the long flowing dresses of girls on the first warm day of spring.

Bicycles are the book you have read 15 times since you were a youth but that you always go back to when in need for a good book.

Bicycles are a worn out typewriter that a passionate writer pounds on, even with their new computer looking over their shoulder .

Bicycles can be the means of self torture or the way one finds themselves after a grueling week.

Bicycles can be rewarding or create a feeling of loss.


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